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Erasmus+ at Birkbeck

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme, designed to promote exchange and mobility opportunities within the European Union for students and staff in higher education. The programme has been funded to run for 7 years (2014-2020), with an overall UK budget of €14.7 billion (an extra €1.68 billion has been allocated for exchanges between partner countries – outside the European Union).

Birkbeck is committed to implementing and managing the Erasmus+ programme. The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education that the College has been awarded highlights the fundamental principles that the College aims to adhere to in supporting and facilitating Erasmus+ mobility for incoming and outgoing participants.

Before completing the Erasmus+ Inter-institutional agreement, Departments and Schools should work through the Erasmus+ Partner Proposal form and state how the proposed agreement would be suitable and beneficial for Birkbeck as an institution and for outgoing students.

(If this is your first agreement, please send the Erasmus+ Partner Proposal for together with the Erasmus+ Inter-institutional form [13.03.17])

Staff Mobility

The opportunity to complete a staff mobility activity abroad is available to both academic and professional staff members. Academic staff can teach abroad from 2 days to 2 months whilst a professional services staff can undertake a training experience such as job shadowing, attending training events (conferences are excluded), and develop their professional competencies and networks.

Where can I go?

Eligible staff members will be able to participate in an Erasmus experience abroad in any of the 27 EU Member states countries, as well as non-European countries such as Iceland, Norway, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Liechtenstein.

Birkbeck's current Erasmus+ partners List (16.03.2017)

If you would like to participate in the scheme, please speak to your head of department or manager in the first instance and then contact the Erasmus Coordinator for further details.

Outgoing Academic Process Flowchart

Erasmus+ 2016 Operational Handbook

Erasmus+ Expenses claim form

Please use the form below to claim expenses:

Expenses Spreadsheet

Student Mobility

All student information is available on the main website


Inter-institutional Agreements

  • Before any staff or student exchanges can take place, an inter-institutional agreement needs to be formed between an academic staff at Birkbeck and the academic staff at the proposed partner institution. Academics should avoid entering into a partnership based upon a student's request but should consider the strategic impact and benefits that the relationship will bring to Birkbeck and the students involved in the exchange.
  • The recommended procedure for the establishing new partnerships is for the department to complete a partner proposal form (prior to completing the inter-institutional agreement), and have these approved by the relevant School Manager or Head of Department.
  • Current list of Inter-Institutional agreements

Erasmus+ Glossary

For further information about forming new Erasmus partnerships and about Erasmus+, please contact the Erasmus Coordinator at