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Dr Margarita Palacios

PhD Sociology (New School for Social Research, New York)
Senior Lecturer

Teaching and research


    My current research focuses on the intersection between aesthetics and the political; the study of affect, materiality, memory and possibilities of witnessing. More specifically, in my  research project  "The Aesthetics of Memory"  I focus on questions regarding the relation between ruins of violence and  the dynamics of  visibility and erasure that are involved in memorialisation efforts.

    I am starting a project on the study of "Populist Aesthetics" that deals with the aporias of representation as well as the affect, politics of space and securitisation that inform current political exclusionary imaginaries in a variety of contexts.

    I also have a long standing interest in critical theory, critical epistemology as well as in broader philosophical questions  such as  the influences of existential phenomenology and hermeneutics in contemporary social theory.


    Politics and Aesthetics; Social and Cultural Theory; Lacanian-Post-Lacanian Feminist Psychoanalytic Theory; Social Philosophy; Post-Coloniality; Studies on Violence and 'otherness'; Critical Epistemologies; Memory and Memorialisation; Cultural Sociology and Social Change; Latin America.



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  • Martinez, J., Palacios, M. (1996)The Culture of Decency. A Study on the Paradoxical Effects of Social Policies Against Poverty. Ediciones SUR, Chile.

Journal articles and book chapters

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    -Palacios, Margarita. “On Sacredness and Transgression: Understanding Social Antagonism”. Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society 9, 3 (2004): 284-297(14)

Contact details

Room 503a, 30 Russell Square
Department of Psychosocial Studies
Birkbeck, University of London
London  WC1B 5DT

Tel: +44 (0)20 3073 8016