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Dr Gail Lewis


Academic background

  • Gail Lewis joined the department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck in September 2013.  She studied at the LSE for her first degree was in Social Anthropology, followed by an MPhil in Development Studies gained from the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex.  Her PhD in Social Policy was gained at the Open University, where she was a member of the Social Sciences Faculty between 1995-2004 and again between 2007-2013. Between her two spells at the Open University she worked at Lancaster University in the Institute for Women’s Studies, where she was Head of Department.  She is also a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist. Her academic interests centre on the constitution of subjectivity as racialised and gendered, psychoanalysis, black feminism, experience as a site of knowing and knowledge production, social policy and welfare practice, psychodynamics of organisational process, multiculture and formations of national belonging.

Research and teaching


  • My research interests focus on three specific areas. The first is the ways in which social policy as policy and professional practice constitutes the terrain of the social as populated by gendered-racialised subjects with hierarchically organised claims to and positions within the nation.  In so doing I have gained a national and international reputation as a leading figure in the crafting of a sociology of postcolonial welfare. Publication examples include Race, Gender, Social Welfare: explorations in a postcolonial society (2000); ‘Categories of exclusion: ‘race’, gender and the micro-social in social services departments’ (2002), in Breitenbach, et al.
  • A second strand in my research focuses on the ways that the category ‘experience’ offers a lens through which to excavate and analyse processes of gendered-racialised subject formation as lived subjectivity. In this I have drawn on research on welfare professionals as well as autobiographical narratives and memory to show the complexities, consonances and dissonances between subjects’ sense of ‘self’ and artefacts of the social such as policy, music, or family photographs. For example my articles in Feminist Review(1996), Cultural Studies (2007), Studies in the Maternal(2009), Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society (2012).
  • My more recent work has assumed an explicitly psychosocial orientation as I have extended these foci to conceive institutions as an organisational dynamic in the social relations of welfare and as active in both the constitution of subjectivity and the interpersonal experience of gendered-racialised subjectivity.  For example, the article in Signs (May 2013) and my peer reviewed chapter in Secrecy and Silence in the Research Process (2010). Publications associated with these three strands are evidence of my track record of publishing in highly ranked, strategic journals.
  • While a constant of my research has been and remains the articulation of gender and race in the constitution of subjectivity and experience and the animation of practice, there has been a shift in orientation from a focus on the social action of discourse to a focus on affective flows circulating among human and non-human objects configured in multiple constellations and sites. Through the assimilation of the theoretical component of my training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist I have refashioned my intellectual project as a psychosocial sociology.  Across the three areas and notwithstanding the shifting emphasis, feminist, critical race, postcolonial, poststructuralist and psychoanalytic theory have provided the theoretical frames through which I engage my objects of enquiry.  It is this focus that positions me as both complimenting and bringing new dimensions to the department.

Research interests

  • Gender and Racialisation
  • Black Feminism
  • Psychodynamics of Organisation
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Social Policy and Welfare Practices
  • Multiculture

Research listings


  • I am Programme Director for the BA Psychosocial Studies (first in-take of students October 2014).
  • I teach on the MA Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity and the Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosocial Studies.


  • I currently supervise PhD students who are working on:
  • Racialised-gendered experience of black women prison officers in the English carceral institution
  • Maternal subjectivity and dynamics of dementia care in institutional contexts
  • Reality t.v., the normalised family and the (re)constitution of the Turkish nation
  • I have also supervised students to successful completion who have worked on, among other areas, lesbian sex and discourses of risk; constructions of lesbian space as white; discourses of Irishness and constructions of Irish identity among second generation migrants in England; constructions of Swedishness in secondary school education; learning institution and discourses of equality for disabled and racialised subjects; political subjectivity among Asian women.
  • Areas of interest:
  • Intersections of race and gender; formation of subjectivity/identity; organisational process; psychoanalytic theory; intersubjectivity and experience; black feminist theory and/or activism.



  • Authored
  • Citizenship: personal lives and social policy (2004) edited and co-authored. Bristol, The Policy Press in Association with the Open University
  • ‘Race’, Gender, Social Welfare: Encounters in a postcolonial society (2000) Cambridge, Polity Press.
  • Edited
  • Rethinking European Welfare, (2001) edited (with J. Fink and J. Clarke), London, Sage.
  • Rethinking Social Policy, (2000) edited (with S. Gewirtz and J. Clarke), London, Sage.
  • Unsettling Welfare: The Reconstruction of Social Policy, (1998) edited (with G. Hughes, London, Routledge.
  • Forming Nation, Framing Welfare, 1998 editor, London, Routledge
  • Charting the Journey: Writings by Black and Third World Women (1988) (edited  with S. Grewal, J. Kay, L. Landor and P. Parmar), London, Sheba Feminist Books.
  • In Progress
  • Difficult Knowledges: gender and the trauma of race
  • Book Series Editorship
  • Series Co-Editor, ‘Gender, Racism, Ethnicity’ (London and New York, Routledge, 1990 to 2000): with K.K. Bhavnani, A. Brah and A. Phoenix. Titles published in this include J. Sudbury, (1998), ‘Other Kinds of Dreams’ ; Gedalof, I. (1999), Against Purity; E. Koffman, A. Phizacklea, P. Raghuram and R. Sales, (2000) Gender and International Migration in Europe.

Book chapters

  • ‘Reading Obama: Collective Responsibility and the Politics of Tears’, (2011) in Who Should Be First: feminists speak out on the 2008 Presidential Election, ed. Beverly Guy-Sheftal and Johnnetta Betsch-Cole, SUNY, (with M. Jacqui Alexander and Gloria Wekker) pp.285-304
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Journal articles

  • ‘Not By Criticality Alone’: connection and the reparative gesture, Feminist Theory, 15(1) (April 2014)
  • ‘Unsafe Travel: Experiencing Intersectionality and Feminist Displacements’, (May 2013) Signs: a journal of women and culture
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Edited journals

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Professional Membership and visiting professorships

Professional membership

  • British Sociological Association; Psychosocial Studies Network, UK; Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists.

Visiting professorships

  • School of Education, York University, Toronto, Canada, July 2012
  • Gender Studies Department, Lund University, Lund, Sweden and REMESO Graduate School Linköping University, Sweden, April 2012
  • School of Social Work, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, December 2011
  • Central European University summer school on Race and Gender Perspectives on Citizenship: Democracy and Globalization, Budapest, July 2008
  • Gender Studies Department, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland, Erasmus/Socrates Exchange Programme, March ,2007
  • Visiting Professor, International Development, Community and Environment Dept. at Clark University, Worcester, MA 01610, USA, Sept – Dec 2004

Contact details

Room 508, 30 Russell Square
Department of Psychosocial Studies
Birkbeck, University of London
London WC1B 5DT

Tel: +44 (0)20 7631 6251