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Our staff

Psychosocial Studies currently comprises 18 academic staff members and over 30 teaching and scholarship staff as well as a number of visiting professors, research associates, teaching assistants and administrators.

Our Head of Department is Dr Amber Jacobs.

Research and teaching staff

Academic staff

Teaching and scholarship staff

  • Teaching and scholarship staff are subject-area specialists and practitioners and recruited by the Department to work as associate lecturers and tutors on our taught programmes. Teaching and scholarships staff bring an impressive breadth of expertise and experience as well as a passion for their subject to their teaching, creating a more dynamic learning experience for our students.
  • A full list of the Department's fifty teaching and scholarship staff may can be found on our teaching and scholarship staff page.

Research staff

  • The Department hosts associate researchers working on various funded research projects, both independently and in conjunction with permanent academic staff.
  • Current research staff:

Visiting staff and Emeritus staff

Professional and support staff

Administrative staff

  • Administrative staff are responsible for the day-to-day business of the Department, including course enquiries, financial administration, student record management, room bookings and liaision with the College's professional services.
  • Current administrative staff:
  • For details about administrative duties and contact information, please see our administrative staff page.