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Information for current students

Welcome to the Department of Psychosocial Studies! This page provides an overview of the different places to find the information you will need during your studies. Information for students is available from three main sources:

  • Student and programme handbooks;
  • My Birkbeck; and
  • Birkbeck Moodle.

The sections below details how to access these, and what you can expect to find in each.

For information about optional modules offered by the Department, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, please see our optional modules page.

If you are unable to find the information that you need, please contact your programme administrator.

Student and programme handbooks

  • Information about policies, procedures, course structure and support services can be found in our student and programme handbooks, available through the Handbooks folder on our website and on Moodle.
  • The Department of Psychosocial Studies student handbook contains information about student support services, the student union and instructions on how to access Moodle and library services. This handbook also contains information about many of the policies and procedures which will apply to you during your studies with us.
  • Each of our programmes also has its own programme handbook, available through the Handbooks folder and on programme homepages on Moodle. Programme handbooks contain information about programme structure and content, timetables for assessment, course readings and course staff. You will need to refer to this information throughout your studies.

My Birkbeck

  • My Birkbeck is an online portal which allows you to manage your relationship with Birkbeck. Use My Birkbeck to:
    • my timetable - the schedule and location of your classes will be published here
    • my studies - view your module results and awards
    • my fees - manage your account and make arrangements to pay your fees
    • academic support - contact your programme administrator, personal tutor and other support services
  • You should also use My Birkbeck to manage your Birkbeck IT account, address details and to request breaks in study, transfers or withdrawals.

Birkbeck Moodle

  • Birkbeck Moodle is our virtual learning environment, which we use to manage your courses, readings and other learning materials. There are three main kinds of page on Moodle:
    • The Psychosocial Studies homepage contains general information which applies to all students within the Department.
    • Each of our taught programmes has its own programme homepage, which contains information which applies across the programme, such as the course structure.
    • Each of our taught modules has a course page, which contains specific information about that module, the schedule of classes and readings.
  • You will submit all assignments through Moodle, using Turnitin submission links. Details about how to do this will be provided by your programme administrator.