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Dr Marion Vorms

PhD Philosophy
Marie Curie Research Fellow
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris (on leave)

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Department of Psychological Sciences

Research interests

  • My research is at the crossroads of the philosophy of science, epistemology, and the psychology of reasoning. My current project is to study the notion of ‘reasonable doubt’, both as a standard of proof in the judicial context, and as a norm of reasoning in other (scientific, forensic, policy-making, as well as everyday) contexts. The main goal of this research is twofold. On the one hand, I aim at studying the epistemological norms of reasonable doubt. On the other hand, I work towards developing an empirical research programme, testing the effects of the consequentiality of epistemic decisions on reasoning. I am running this project under the supervision of Prof. Ulrike Hahn (Birkbeck), in collaboration with Dr. David Lagnado (UCL) and Dr. Adam Harris (UCL). It may involve further collaborations, in particular with legal scholars and forensic scientists.

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Dr Marion Vorms