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6th London Reasoning Workshop

3 and 4 August 2011

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Beatty, Erin; Thompson, Valerie An investigation of perspective and belief bias
Elqayam, Shira; Over, David Beliefs, probabilities and dual processing: The new paradigm in psychology of reasoning
Gerstenberg, Tobias; Lagnado, David A; Tenenbaum, Joshua B Noisy Newtons: People's intuitive understanding of physics explains their cause and prevention judgments
Hilton, Denis; McClure, John Acting knowingly: Effects of awareness of an opportunity on causal attributions, responsibility judgments and blame
Khemlani, Sunny; Lotstein, Max; Johnson-Laird, Phil What makes intensional estimates of probabilities inconsistent?
Kleiter, Gernot The conditional event interpretation of conditionals in children and adults
Nelson, Jonathan; Meder, Bjoern Information search under asymmetric reward conditions
Oaksford, Mike; Hahn, Ulrike Why are we convinced by the ad hominem argument? Bayesian source reliability and pragma-dialectical discussion rules
Over, David; Charreau, Thomas The de Finetti table and conditional bets
Thompson, Valerie; Johnson, Stephen Metacognition and the monitoring and control of reasoning: Individual differences, conflict detection, and the feeling of rightness
Trémolière, Bastien Thinking About Death Makes People Less Utilitarian
Trippas, Dries Base rate 'neglect': A conflict between two Type 1 processes?
Vallée-Tourangeau, Frédéric Einstellung Defused: Interactivity and Mental Set
Yama, Hiroshi

Culture and inference: High context and low context

Zultan, Ro'i; Gerstenberg, Tobias; Lagnado, David The Role of Causality and Counterfactual Thinking in Responsibility Attributions in Teams