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4th London Reasoning Workshop

27 and 28 July 2009


Bonnefon, Jean-François The rational toll and emotional benefits of reasoning to a just world
Counihan, Marian All premises aren’t created equal: Considering logical operators in natural language settings
Douven, Igor
The Adams family
Elqayam, Shira Inferring deontic conclusions from indicative premises
Evans, Jonathan
Dual-process theories of reasoning: Types, systems and types of system
Fugard, Andy Conditional interpretation in a generalized probabilistic truth table task
Harris, Adam Coherence: Philosophical issues, psychological implications
Hilton, Denis The well-formedness of conditional performatives: A cognitive consistency approach
Jones, Stephen Parallel temporal and probabilistic discounting of  costs
Khemlani, Sunny Disjunctive illusory inferences
Oaksford, Mike Enthymemes and probabilities
Pfeifer, Niki Do people understand probabilistic (non-) informativeness?
Ragni, Marco Spatial Relational Reasoning and Eye Movements: What does the reasoner's eye tell about the reasoning process?
Tasso, Alessandra
In what conditions is the meaning of conditionals perceived as equivalent to the meaning of a corresponding disjunction?
Thompson, Valerie Fluency, the feeling of rightness, and analytic thinking
Yama, Hiroshi Cognition and Culture : Processing Models for Hindsight Bias