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3rd London Reasoning Workshop

18 and 19 August 2008

The 3rd London Reasoning Workshop took place on the 18th to 19th of August 2008. It served as a Festschrift for Jonathan Evans to honour his 60th birthday.

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Blank, Hartmut Hindsight components and causal reasoning
Bonnefon, Jean-François Utility matrices and folk principles of choice: Decision processes leak into conditional inference
Chassy, Philippe 
Perceived Causality in Temporal Chains
Chater, Nick 
Formal measures of confirmation and argument strength
De Neys, Wim Conflict monitoring and dual process theories
Elqayam, Shira Do we need a relativist view of rationality?
Evans, Jonathan 
Psychology of reasoning: Reflections on four decades of research
Frosch, Caren Refuting causal claims
Goodwin, Geoffrey Is the basic conditional probabilistic?
Handley, Simon 
Default logic and effortful beliefs
Nakagaki, Akira Matching heuristic cannot explain matching bias in conditional reasoning
Pfeifer, Niki  
Uncertain deductive reasoning
Politzer, Guy 
Conditional bets
Schroyens, Walter A critical evaluation and crucial test of the suppositional-conditional theory about iffy propositions
Stenning, Keith Logic knocks at the gates of System 1
Thompson, Valerie Determinants of the Feeling of Rightness in Conditional Inference
Yama, Hiroshi  
A dual process model for cultural differences in hindsight bias