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Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab


What we do

The Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab investigates cognition and emotion interactions. We examine how negative and positive emotions affect cognitive processes such as attention, interpretation, reasoning, memory and cognitive performance. Emotional information processing and its effects on cognition and behaviour is also of central interest.

Our lab uses a wide variety of cognitive and neuroscientific methods such as behavioural reaction times, eye-tracking, electrophysiological methods (ERP, EEG), psychophysiological methods (e.g. skin conductance, heart rate variability) and fMRI to examine the processes of interest.

ACN researchers

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Emily Hannon (Postdoc with Anne Richards 2008)
  • Dr Leor Shoker (Postdoc with Naz Derakhshan 2006-2009; consulting Postdoc from 2009)

Research assistants

  • Irma Triasih Kurniawan
  • Emily Bethell

External collaborations

Our team collaborates with a number of researchers and labs worldwide.

Current collaborations