Presentation schedule

Our presentations are a good way to get an introduction to Birkbeck and what it's like to study here. You don't need to book to attend our presentations - just drop in. The presentation schedule below is for our previous event on 7 February. A schedule for our Wednesday 10 May 2017 event will be posted shortly.  

Woburn Suite – Senate House

  • 4.10pm: Get Started Undergraduate: Applying to university – Naureen Abubacker
  • 4.30pm: Welcome to Birkbeck – Caroline McDonald/Mark Stringer
  • 4.50pm: Birkbeck Library - Elizabeth Charles
  • 5.10pm: Student Support Services – Simon Deville
  • 5.30pm: Welcome to Birkbeck - Caroline McDonald/Mark Stringer
  • 5.50pm: Work & Learn: Make the most of your evening study (Careers and BBK Talent) - Jenna Davies/ Kate Dodgson / Eleanor Martin
  • 6.10pm: Psychosocial Studies - Dr Gail Lewis
  • 6.30pm: Counselling courses – Laurence Spurling
  • 6.50pm: Law - Professor Bill Bowring
  • 7.10pm: Economics, Mathematics and Statistics – Professor Stephen Wright

Gordon Room - Senate House

  • 4.10pm: BSc Social Sciences – Dr Jan Etienne
  • 4.30pm: Get Started Postgraduate: Why Study and How to Fund Your Postgraduate Qualification - Krishna Tirbhowan
  • 4.50pm: Politics - Professor Rob Singh
  • 5.10pm: Management (Postgraduate) – Professor Klaus Nielsen
  • 5.30pm: Management (Undergraduate) – Dr Julian Sims
  • 5.50pm: Psychology (Undergraduate) - Ana da Cunha Lewin/ Dr Gillian Forrester
  • 6.10pm: Computer Science and Information Systems – Dr Nigel Martin
  • 6.30pm: History, Classics and Archaeology – Dr Fred Anscombe
  • 6.50pm: Politics - TBC
  • 7.10pm: Criminology - Professor Leslie Moran

Bloomsbury Room - Senate House

  • 4.15pm: Undergraduate Student Financial Support
  • 4.45pm: Postgraduate Student Financial Support
  • 5.30pm: Central Saint Martin's Birkbeck MBA - Pamela Yeow
  • 6.00pm: Undergraduate Student Financial Support
  • 6.30pm: Postgraduate Student Financial Support
  • 7.00pm: Undergraduate Student Financial Support