Frequently asked questions

Where can I get general information about Birkbeck?

  • Our 'Welcome to Birkbeck' talks are a great place to start, so do plan on timing your visit around one of these.
  • Staff at the welcome desks can also provide general information, and will point you in the right direction for more specialist advice.

When are the Open Evenings and how long do they run?

I want to speak to a particular member of staff; will they be at the event?

  • Representatives from all academic schools are available for you to speak to; however, if you want to talk to a particular member of staff, it is best to contact the school directly to check if that person will be at Open Evening or to arrange a meeting at another time, as we cannot guarantee which staff will be at the event.

Do I need to attend for the whole evening?

  • No. Open Evenings are informal occasions, and you can arrive at the event any time between 4 and 7.15pm. You may want to plan your arrival to coincide with one of the presentations.

Can I bring a relative or friend to the Open Evening, and are children welcome?

  • Of course, you are welcome to bring friends, relatives and children along with you to the event. You never know, your friends or relatives may also find a course they’d like to do!

I’ve already applied. Can I check the status of my application at the event?

  • Unfortunately, staff won’t have access to application records at the event, so they won’t be able to check your status. You should contact the My Birkbeck helpdesk for this information.

Can I enrol on a course at the event?

Do I need to bring anything with me, such as my qualifications?

  • You do not need to bring anything with you.
  • If we do need to see any of your qualifications, we will ask for them at a later date as part of the application process.

Do I have to attend an Open Evening before I apply or start my course?

  • No, you don’t. Open Evenings are an opportunity for you to meet teaching staff and former students, and to find out more about Birkbeck and the courses we offer, but they are not a compulsory part of the application process.

I'm worried about money; where can I find out about financial support?

  • We offer financial support presentations aimed at undergraduate applicants (including Certificate of Higher Education applicants) throughout the Open Evening.