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Frequently asked questions

What happens at open events?

  • When you arrive, you will be met by a current student or member of staff, who will give you a guide to the event and tell you about the various talks and presentations you can attend, along with any other activities taking place. You can also ask them any questions you have about Open Events and they can direct you to the right staff for more in-depth advice.
  • We also have welcome desks, where you can pick up prospectuses, guides and stationery. 
  • The main feature of Open Events is our subject stands, where you can ask our lecturers any questions you have about the course(s) you're interested in. They are arranged by subject and each stand covers all levels of study - short courses, undergraduate, postgraduate and MPhil/PhD. 
  • You can also chat with staff from Student Services, including Birkbeck Talent, the Careers and Employability Service, the Disability and Dyslexia Service, our Student Finance team and the Birkbeck Library. 
  • You can also meet some current students and chat to them about how they find studying in the evening and how Birkbeck is helping to transform their lives.
  • We host a number of free presentations and talks throughout the event. Presentations include a welcome to Birkbeck, fees and finance for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and introductions to the subjects we offer. 
  • Our Welcome to Birkbeck talks are a great place to start, so you might want to plan your visit around one.
  • We run campus tours throughout the event, led by our student ambassadors, which will show you around our buildings and facilities, as well as the local area of Bloomsbury.
  • If you wish to begin your application on the day, or need advice on how to do so, we have a dedicated stand where our staff will sit with you and take you through every step of the online process.

When is the next Open Event and what are the times?

  • Our Open Events are either held on a weekday evening or on a Saturday, so it is important to check the dates of our next Open Events.
  • At an open evening, you can arrive at any time between 4pm and 7.30pm, however please note that the event begins to wind down from 7.15pm, so try to arrive before then, if possible.
  • On a Saturday, the event runs during the day, typically between 10am and 2.30pm. Please be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before we close to ensure you are able to make use of your time at Birkbeck.

How do I register for an Open Event? 

  • You can register online - it only takes a few minutes.
  • You will be sent a bar code shortly before the event, please bring this with you and have it scanned by a member of staff on arrival.
  • If you can't register online, or forget to, don't worry - you can fill out a short registration form when you arrive. 
  • You don't need to register for talks and presentations or make an appointment to speak to a member of staff - just come along. Open Events are very informal, welcoming events.

I want to speak to a particular member of staff. will they be at an Open Event?

  • Representatives from all of our academic departments are available for you to speak to and they should be able to answer your query.
  • If you want to speak to a particular member of staff, it is best to contact the department directly in order to check whether that person will be attending the event.
  • We cannot guarantee which members of staff will be at the event, and the staff members attending may differ from those advertised.

Do I need to attend for the whole event?

  • No, Open Events are informal occasions, so you can drop in and out whenever you like between the advertised times.

Can I bring a relative or friend to the Open Event, and are children welcome?

  • You are very welcome to bring friends, relatives and children along with you.

Can I apply for a course at Open Event?

  • Yes, we have a dedicated How to Apply stand, where our staff will explain the application process and begin your online application with you.

I’ve already applied. Can I check the status of my application at the event?

  • Staff won’t have access to application records at the event, so they won’t be able to check your status. You should contact the Student Advice Service for this information. 

Can I enrol on a course at the event?

  • You are unable to enrol on a course at an Open Event, but our Student Advice Service can help you enrol and they are based in Birkbeck's main building on Torrington Square, right next door to Senate House.

Do I need to bring anything with me, such as my qualifications?

Do I have to attend an Open Evening before I apply or start my course?

  • No, attendance is entirely voluntary and won't be taken into consideration when you apply. 

I'm worried about money. where can I find out about financial support?

  • Our Student Advice team hosts presentations throughout the event on undergraduate and postgraduate fees and finance. 
  • You may find it helpful to look at our financial support information online.

Will I receive further information before the Open event?

  • We will send you a guide with a full timetable of the talks taking place at the event, as well as details on where you can find specific academic departments and support services to ask any questions you may have.
  • We also upload the Open Event guide to our website, for you to access prior to the event. Don't worry if you are unable to bring this with you on the day, as you can pick up a physical copy when you arrive and register.

How long do the talks last?

  • The talks usually last between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • If you have questions or want more information, you can speak to the presenter or to a member of staff on an information or subject stand. 

Can I attend more than one talk?

  • Yes, you are welcome to attend as many talks as you like.

What if I’m interested in courses on different campuses?

  • You can speak to academics on the subject stands about the courses we offer at Stratford.

Can I view student accommodation?

  • We do not offer tours of student accommodation at Open Events, but you can visit our accommodation stand to get more information.
  • You can find out everything you need to know on our student accommodation web pages.

Is there any parking?

I have a disability. do I need to let you know?

  • If you feel you have accessibility needs, please make a note of them on the booking form so that we are able to help you.