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Come and meet our graduates

Many of our graduates (alumni) tell us that studying at Birkbeck changed their life, so they are keen to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with prospective and current students. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can meet our alumni and ask them about studying in the evening at Birkbeck, balancing study with work and other personal commitments, and the best ways to advance in your career. 

Before you apply to Birkbeck 

after you receive your offer but before you enrol  

  • Get Talking: if you have applied to Birkbeck and received an offer, we will contact you in the spring before you begin studying to ask if you would like a one-to-one meeting with one of our graduates, to ask them about their Birkbeck experience. We will match you with the graduate we think will be best able to answer your queries. 

After you enrol at Birkbeck 

  • Careers clinics: this scheme, which is run by our Careers and Employability Service, matches current students with a graduate for one-to-one CV and job applications advice and support. The scheme also includes mock job interviews, to help you build your confidence. 
  • International Alumni Friendship Scheme: if you are an international student, we will contact you after you enrol to ask if you would like to meet with a former international student during your first term. They can chat to you about living, working part-time and studying in the UK and help you settle in, practice your conversational English and combat any homesickness. 
  • Job shadowing: this new scheme, which offers current students the chance to job shadow a graduate, is being developed and will be rolled out across the College soon. 
  • Mentoring Pathways: this flagship scheme is offered to final-year undergraduates and all postgraduates, matching them with a graduate who can support their career aspirations and mentor them in preparation for life after Birkbeck. If you are eligible, our Mentoring Pathways team will contact you to ask if you would like to join the scheme. 
  • What Employers Want: these popular events bring together enrolled students and recent graduates to hear a panel of former students talk about their career choices, the pathways open in particular sectors and what employers really want. There are a number of different panels and we will invite you to the one we think will be most beneficial to you, but you must be signed up to our Careers and Employability Service first.