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Dr Kevin Manton


Kevin is an Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck currently teaching these courses: 'The Study of Politics', 'Modern Political Analysis' and 'The Politics of Identity Culture and Conflict'.  He also teaches at SOAS, where he gives courses in 'World History', 'European Studies' and 'Understanding the Modern World'.  In the year 2012/13, he was awarded the SOAS Director's Teaching Prize and has been nominated for an award under the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme.

His research interests are in modern British political history.  Recent publications include:

  • 'British Unionism, the Constitution and the Referendum, 1907-1914', Historical Research, vol. 85, no. 229, 2012.
  • 'The Labour Party & the 1949 Parliament Act', Contemporary British History, vol. 25, no. 2, 2012.
  • Labour Governments and Capital Punishment, 1924-1970', Labour History Review, vol. 76, no. 1, 2011.
  • He has 2 further papers, one on Edwardian conservatism and another on the politics of fingerprinting in the press. His current research is into the politics of privacy in modern Britain.

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