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Edwin Bacon


Reader in Comparative Politics

Edwin Bacon is Reader in Comparative Politics and has specialisms in the politics of Russia and of religion, and in political pedagogy. He has published seven books on Russian politics, history, and society, and many articles in peer-reviewed journals. Edwin has taught in universities for over two decades and is a holder of the Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Award. He also worked briefly as a Senior Research Officer for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as a Parliamentary Special Adviser to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, the House of Commons. He held a Visiting Fellowship at the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki in autumn 2014, is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Birmingham, and is a member of the international editorial board of Religion, State and Society.

Edwin has spoken widely on Russian politics at academic conferences in the UK, Western Europe, Russia, and North America - including being an invited speaker at conferences in Helsinki and Paris.

Alongside his academic work, Dr Bacon has engaged with the policy and business communities, writing over 70 consultancy reports and advising policy-makers in the UK, Finland, Italy and the European Parliament.

Edwin Bacon has an MBA in higher education management from the University of London. He has held a number of management positions in UK universities. He directed the Leadership Foundation funded Management of Small Higher Education Institutions Network until 2013, and has published and served as a consultant in the field of higher education management. His paper ‘Neo-collegiality: restoring academic engagement in the managerial university’ has been published in the Leadership Foundation’s ‘Stimulus Paper’ series.



    (Most of Edwin Bacon's research articles can be read via the BIROn - Birkbeck Institutional Research Online - website)

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    Edwin Bacon has gained the Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Award for his course The Practice of Politics, an applied politics course in which students focus on political engagement in relation to their own skills, values, and normative preferences.

    Dr Bacon has taught at four UK universities, and has served as an external examiner at Oxford University, University College London, Oxford Brookes University, and the University of Lincoln. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

    Edwin has published on political pedagogy, as well as speaking on this subject at events organised by the Higher Education Academy and by the Political Studies Association. He was a key-note speaker at the 10th Annual Political Studies Association/British International Studies Association Teaching and Learning Conference in 2017.

    Dr Bacon’s current and recent teaching includes:

    • The Practice of Politics (undergraduate)
    • Comparative Government (undergraduate)
    • Russian Politics and Society (undergraduate)
    • Democracy and Authoritarianism (undergraduate)
    • Religion and Politics (postgraduate)
    • Emerging Powers (postgraduate)
    • Political Change in Contemporary Russia (postgraduate)

PhD Supervision

  • Dr Bacon has supervised to completion four PhD students and co-supervised two further successful PhD students. Three of his supervisees hold academic posts in leading UK  universities - Luke MarchBettina Renz, and David White.
  • He currently supervises two research students, both of whom are studying the politics of socio-economic transitions in contemporary Russia.
  • He regularly serves as external examiner for PhD theses.


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