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Barry Maydom

Lecturer in Politics

MRes Programmes Director (Politics / Global Politics / Public Policy and Management)

Barry Maydom joined Birkbeck in 2018 as a Lecturer in Politics. He previously taught at the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics.

His research interests include the socio-political effects of emigration and remittances in migrants’ homelands, political participation in developing countries, and political change in the contemporary Middle East.

Barry completed his DPhil at the University of Oxford in 2017, and his thesis on ‘Migrant Remittances and Democracy’ won the 2018 Lord Bryce Prize for Comparative Politics awarded by the Political Studies Association. He is currently working on projects investigating popular conceptualisations of democracy in the Middle East and the effects of migration and remittances on perceptions of corruption.

At Birkbeck, Barry teaches courses on the Politics of Population Change, International Migration and Transnationalism, Qualitative Social Research and Quantitative Social Research.


  • 'Remittances, Criminal Violence and Voter Turnout', accepted, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (with Ana Isabel Lopez Garcia)

Under Review

  • 'Remittances and Democratization: The Role of Migrants' Destinations'
  • 'Institutional Legacies of Authoritarian Regimes: State-Sponsored Trade Unions after Democratic Transitions' (with Malu Gatto and Daniel Fedorowycz)

Working Papers

  • 'Migrant Remittances and Political Participation in the Middle East'
  • 'Political Remittance Cycles in Non-Democracies'
  • 'Islam, Islamism and Popular Conceptualizations of Democracy in the Middle East'

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