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Ali Burak Güven

Senior Lecturer in International Relations                         and International Political Economy

Programme Director:

  • MSc Global Governance and Emerging Powers
  • MSc Global Political Economy
  • CertHE Politics and International Studies

BSc, MSc (Middle East Technical University)
PhD (University of Toronto)


Ali Burak Güven joined Birkbeck in 2012. His work lies at the intersection of comparative and international political economy, focusing primarily on development policy and practice. Much of his recent research examines how an increasingly multipolar global economy impacts the parameters of development cooperation, with particular reference to international organisations such as the IMF and the World Bank. Policy and institutional trajectories in emerging countries constitute another substantive research interest. Ali has published in journals including Development and Change, Development Policy Review, Global Governance, International Affairs, New Political Economy, Review of International Political Economy, and Studies in Comparative International Development. He co-edited a collection on globalisation and has been working on a monograph on the evolution of agricultural and financial institutions of market governance in neoliberal Turkey. He was awarded the 2017 Ronald Tress Prize in Research Excellence in the Social Sciences category and held a British Academy research grant in 2017-18.

Ali is programme director for MSc Global Governance and Emerging Powers. He also serves as the departmental Director of Education.

Research Interests and Supervision

  • International political economy; comparative political economy; international organisations; global governance; politics of development; emerging powers; politics of banking and finance; agricultural policy; Turkish politics/ political economy; institutional theory and analysis; qualitative methods.
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Selected Publications

Edited Collection


  • (2018) “Whither the Post-Washington Consensus? International Financial Institutions and Development Policy Before and After the Crisis.” Review of International Political Economy 25 (3): 392-417.
  • (2017) “Defending Supremacy: How the IMF and the World Bank Navigate the Challenge of Rising Powers.” International Affairs 93 (5): 1149-1166.
  • (2017) “The World Bank and Emerging Powers: Beyond the Multipolarity-Multilateralism Conundrum.” New Political Economy 22 (5): 496-520.
  • (2016) “Rethinking Development Space in Emerging Countries: Turkey’s Conservative Countermovement.” Development and Change 47 (5): 995-1024.
  • (2012) “The IMF, the World Bank, and the Global Economic Crisis: Exploring Paradigm Continuity.” Development and Change 43 (4): 869-898.
  • (2012) “The Feasibility of IFI-Led Institutional Reform: Four Turkish Experiments Compared.” Development Policy Review 30 (4): 425-449.
  • (2011) (with Ziya Öniş) “The Global Economic Crisis and the Future of Neoliberal Globalization: Rupture vs. Continuity.” Global Governance 17 (4): 469-488.
  • (2011) (with Ziya Öniş) “Global Crisis, National Responses: The Political Economy of Turkish Exceptionalism.” New Political Economy 16 (5): 585-608.
  • (2009) “Reforming Sticky Institutions: Persistence and Change in Turkish Agriculture.” Studies in Comparative International Development 44 (2): 162-187.

Chapters in Books

Book Reviews

  • (2018)“The World Bank and Transferring Development: Policy Movement through Technical Assistance by Adrian Robert Bazbauers.” International Affairs 94 (5): 1186-1188.
  • (2016) “Re-Inventing the Left in the Global South: The Politics of the Possible by Richard Sandbrook.” Political Studies Review 14 (3): 447-448.


  • Emerging Powers in World Politics (postgraduate)
  • Global Governance (postgraduate)
  • International Political Economy (postgraduate)
  • Introduction to Global Politics (undergraduate).

Ali Burak Güven

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Tel: +44 (0) 20 3926 1666


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