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The British Representation Study 2005

The British Representation Study (BRS) was a research project conducted by Dr Sarah Childs at Bristol University, Prof. Joni Lovenduski and Dr Rosie Campbell at Birkbeck. The BRS 2005 is part of a series starting in 1992.

The BRS 2005 recorded the attitudes, backgrounds and experiences of candidates for the 2005 British General Election.

Hansard Society 2005

Media coverage

  • Guardian: Tuesday 15 November 2005: All-women short-lists a must, says report External Site
  • Sarah Childs interviewed on Westminster Hour (Women2Win campaign), Dec. 2005
  • Sarah Childs interviewed on Today programme (Women at the Top), Nov. 2005
  • Women at the Top Report discussed in Guardian; on BBC world Service and Radio 5
  • Sarah Childs interviewed on Woman’s Hour (3-way discussion on Conservatives), July 2005
  • Rosie Campbell spoke to the Young Fabians on Monday the 27th of March 2006.

The British Representation Study 2005

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