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New article: 'The United States Congress and Nuclear War Powers', The Journal of Legislative Studies 24 (3) 2018

19 September 2018

Professor Singh has a new publication, out today.

03 September 2018

Dr Barbara Zollner is one of the contributors to this new publication.

03 September 2018

The plaque has been installed at the College’s main library in Malet Street in memory of the late former student.

18 July 2018

By 2100, the human population may exceed 11 billion. Having recently surpassed 7.5 billion, it has trebled since 1950. Are such numbers sustainable, given a deepening environmental crisis? Can so many live well? Or should world population be controlled?

17 July 2018

Dr Dermot Hodson writes about Brexit’s institutional irony in The Guardian

16 July 2018

Dr Dermot Hodson and Dr Ben Worthy discuss Boris Johnson’s resignation and his controversial tenure as Foreign Secretary.

12 July 2018

Dr Dermot Hodson and Dr Ben Worthy give a rapid reaction to David Davis’s resignation as Brexit secretary.

10 July 2018