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Talking Europe


New episodes!

Watch Dionyssis talk about why the European elections are so important here.

Watch episode one here.

The aim of this series is twofold.

  • First, it seeks to provide easily accessible expert commentary on key political, social, economic and other events and processes that are currently unfolding in Europe.
  • Second, in doing so, it seeks to showcase the Europe-related research that Birkbeck-based academics are currently conducting.

These academics are based in a broad range of academic departments including Politics (@bbkpolitics), History (@BirkbeckHCA), Psychosocial studies (@bbkpsychosocial), Law (@BirkbeckLaw), Economics, Geography (@bbkgeography), as well as Birkbeck’s Centre for the Study of Internationalism (@centreintlhist).

So, although this series operates under the auspices of Birkbeck’s MSc programme in European Politics & Policy, it is very much a collective effort.  It will take the form of regular podcasts or short vlogs focusing on major events or processes (including Brexit, EU-level developments, elections in major European countries, as well as new academic publications etc.) or video clips from the several Europe-related events organised at Birkbeck.

Dr Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoulos (@DGDimitrakop)

Episode 1