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Current Research Students and Their Theses


  • Michael BERNDT (
  • I am interested in French and German Post-Kantian Philosophy, guided by questions on meta-ethics, normativity, and the nature of value.
  • Russell CHILD (
  • I’m taking ethics, Foucault and Marx as my options, and I also have a special interest in political philosophy. I intend to write a thesis about apologies for historical injustices.
  • Anna CLARKE (
  • I’m taking ethics, political philosophy and Hume as my options. I intend to write a thesis about Hobbes and inter-subjectivity.
  • Thesis: Naturalism in Ethics
  • Martin EARL (
  • I’m taking metaphysics, philosophy of mind and Phenomenology as my options. I intend to write a thesis about consciousness.
  • Ben GREG (
  • Thesis: Ethics
  • Michael JOHNSON (
  • Thesis: Naturalism
  • Research Interests: Mind, Language, Wittgenstein
  • Chris JONES (
  • Thesis: Just War Theory
  • Justin MANSON (
  • I'm taking options in Metaphysics, Epistemology and Kant. My research interests are agency, self-knowledge, and action. My thesis is on belief formation and agency.
  • I'm specializing in Aristotle and Ethics this year and intend to write my dissertation on Derek Parfit and our moral obligations to future generations. Aside from this I am particularly interested in: animal ethics, politics, and all things consequentialist.
  • Kevan NORRIS  (
  • I’m taking Metaphysics, Kant and Political Philosophy as my options. I intend to write a thesis in the area of the philosophy of mind.
  • Gavin O'LEARY (
  • Thesis: Rational Altruism
  • Research interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Logic
  • Shaun POWELL (
  • Thesis: Moral Development
  • Nicola QUINN (
  • I'm taking Philosophy of Mathematics, Logic and Metaphysics and Russell. My thesis is on The Infinite in Early Modern Philosophy
  • Mark SMITH (
  • Thesis: Belief
  • Sam SPURRELL (
  • Thesis: Consciousness
  • Kelly VASSIE (
  • Thesis: Philosophy of Psychology
  • Research interests: Leibniz, Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science


  • Bahram ASSADIAN (
    My main research interests are in the philosophy mathematics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of language. In my doctoral thesis, I have critically examined various platonist accounts of the nature of mathematical “structures”, and have defended an alternative account. In particular, I argued that mathematical structures cannot be made up of “positions” or “places”. My next project will be on reference: can we refer to mathematical objects within this alternative structural setting?
  • Neil BARTON (
    Thesis: How Paradox Can Shape Ontology
    Research interests: Philosophy of Set Theory, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Logic, Metaphysics
  • Rachelle BASCARA  (
    My interests lie in moral, political, and social philosophy, and I am most interested in topics where these three subfields overlap. My goal for my doctoral dissertation is to formulate a defensible unified theory of oppression, which I argue is currently unavailable in the literature.
  • Daniela COMPTON (
    Title: Emotion and its Cognitive Dimension
    This interdisciplinary work focuses on the dual aspect of affectivity and is guided at the theoretical level by the embodied, enactive and extended nature of the mind. Drawing on historical, contemporary and empirical studies from affective and analytic philosophy, psychology, biology, cognitive science, neuroscience and phenomenology, it seeks to provide an understanding of affective mentality as inseparable from the living organism’s self-regulatory activity, its adaptive nature and coupling relation with the environment.
  • Emanuele COSTA (
    My research is in Early Modern Philosophy and about the ontology of Baruch Spinoza. I am developing a picture of his philosophy in which modes and their relations are considered as the core part of the one existing substance, unifying his theory of substance and his theory of the human modes.
  • Robert CRAVEN (
    Research interests: I work mostly on the philosophy of action and related areas of metaphysics.
    My research is in metaontology. I am developing an account of the nature of ontology based on the work of W. V. Quine, and defending it both against competing approaches and against the mainstream view of what it means to be a Quinean.
  • Alex FINUCANE (
    Thesis: Absolute Generality  
    Research interests: Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics, History of Analytic Philosophy
  • Magnus FRIED (
    Research Interests: Modal arguments against Physicalism
  • Alan GREEN (                       
    Thesis: Moral Philosophy
  • Peter HULME ( )
    Thesis: 'Existentialism is a metaethic: the relevance of choice-based morality for contemporary analytic philosophy'
    Research interests: Metaethics, Sartre, existentialist ethics, autonomy, expressivism, normativity
  • Hsuan-Chih LIN (D01124004@NTU.EDU.TW
    Thesis: Semantic Normativity
  • Noemi MAGNANI (
    Thesis: Political
  • Steph MARSTON (
    Thesis: Spinoza
    Research interests: Epistemology, Aristotle, Political Philosophy
  • Steven MONTGOMERY (
    Thesis: Philosophical Anarchism, Political Obligation and Disobedience 
    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Obligation, Civil Disobedience, Aristotle's Politics, Equality, Moral Philosophy, Virtue Ethics, The Value of Humanity 
  • Jonathan NASSIM (
    Thesis: Necessity and Autonomy of Implications
  • Julian NEWMAN (
    My research is in the epistemology of computing, with particular reference to its implications for simulation models in science and policy.  I develop an account of software as a type of phenomenon whose nature, although immaterial, is knowable through experiment.  I argue that this fatally undermines the positions of Humphreys, Lenhard and Winsberg regarding the epistemology of simulation.  I further defend my position against potential attacks from the perspective that software engineering theory can be no more than reflection on craft knowledge, and explore the implication of “data journeys” for the robustness of our empirical claims about software.
  • Andrew NEWTON (
    I research questions of moral philosophy arising from industrial disasters, specifically the Global Financial Crisis. I am currently investigating the respective moral responsibilities of market participants, financial innovators, the senior executives of financial firms, the credit rating agencies, and government.
  • Thomas QUINN (
    Thesis: Philosophy of Action
  • John SIMONS (
    Thesis: The sociality of moral agency: A pragmatist account.
    My thesis is based on the ideas of the founders of American pragmatism, especially John Dewey and George Herbert Mead.
  • Jane WHITE (
    Research interests: Nietzsche, Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Philosophy of Mind.
    Thesis: I am developing an account of Nietzsche’s positive prescriptions for human flourishing that can be reconciled with his drive-based psychology.
  • Emily WILLIAMSON (
    Thesis: Mind