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Sophia will discuss "Caring and Parenting in Aristotelian Ethics"

14 February 2019

This is an annual conference in London to discuss current research in the field of Ancient Science

14 February 2019

The radio programme will focus on Aristotle's method of biological investigation

25 January 2019

Mohammed is a Wellcome ISSF Research Fellow in Philosophy and Psychiatry at Birkbeck

18 January 2019

The title of her talk is “Embodied Intelligence in Aristotle’s Natural Science and Embryology"

18 December 2018

The London Warwick Mind Forum is a cross-institutional research community for postgraduate research students working in the philosophy of mind.

29 October 2018

The BSA is a charitable organisation that promotes study, research and discussion of art and the aesthetic from a variety of perspectives.

15 October 2018

Brian Leiter's Blog has recommended Birkbeck as a good place for someone who wants to focus on Nietzsche.

12 October 2018

Dr Sophia Connell will give a talk on Aristotle at the Marburg conference (22-24 August)

13 July 2018

Dr Sophia Connell will give a talk at a conference on Aristotle's biology in Williams College in Willamstown, MA (13-15 July)

13 July 2018