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Welcome to the webpage for the Birkbeck Philosophy Society.

Our aim is to enable philosophy students at Birkbeck to enhance the value of their academic studies through extramural activities and events. To this end we encourage every philosophy student to become a member.

The following information will hopefully guide you through who we are, what we do, where we meet, how to join, who the officers are and how to contact us.

Who We Are
The Birkbeck Philosophy Society has always provided exciting opportunities for philosophical discussions and academic support to BA, MA and research students from the department and across the college.

What We Do
We hold debates and weekly discussions about various philosophical issues, as well as organising speakers, socials and parties.

Where and When We Meet
During 2016/17 the Philosophy society meets every Thursday from 8 - 10pm. The meetings are announced weekly with the relevant room number tbc.

How to Join
Yearly membership to the Philosophy Society costs only £4. This can be paid in cash to our treasurer or online via the Birkbeck SU webpage. To join the mailing list send your information (name and email address) to the email below.

Our Officers

Simon Hunt (President)

Reyhan Alhas (Secretary)

Nick Apparicio (Treasurer)

How To Contact Us

By Email:
Twitter: @bbkphilsoc

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