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Asta Medisauskaite

supervisor: Dr Caroline Kamau

Occupational health of medical doctors: Systematic review and meta-analysis of distress prevalence and a randomised controlled trial of an induction intervention

Doctors working with terminally ill patients are at high risk for occupational health issues because of the challenging environment they work in: frequent death of their patients and the grief of relatives. Two research questions will be answered with the current studies. The aim of the first study is to perform a systematic review of previous studies analysing occupational health (psychological, physical and behaviour symptoms) in order to provide conclusive evidence about the average occupational health levels experienced by doctors working with terminally ill patients. The purpose of the second study is to experimentally test if an induction about stress at work could reduce negative effect of challenging work environment for doctors working with terminally ill patients.

Key words: Occupational health, doctors, systematic review and meta-analysis, induction.


  • Quantitative.
  • Data collection: systematic review and meta-analysis; randomised controlled trial.
Asta Medisauskaite

Asta Medisauskaite

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