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Interviews with staff

Below are interviews with Organizational Psychology staff discussing their research.

Almuth Mcdowall

Almuth Mcdowall is the Head of Department for the department of Organizational Psychology.

Professor Patrick Tissington

Professor Patrick Tissington, Professor of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck talks about his research into virtual team working and teams in stressful environments.

Dr Julie Dickinson

What determines pay? What causes difference in pay levels? And what determines whether or not people think pay is fair? Julie Dickinson discusses her research on people’s shared beliefs about fair pay and what effects such beliefs may have on maintaining pay differentials. Julie also discusses the recent concerns about escalating executive pay levels and what organizations can do about maintaining perceptions of fair pay.

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Dr Andreas Liefooghe

Dr Andreas Liefooghe speaking about work psychology and the organizing and disciplining demands work places on us.