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Counselling Service

About Birkbeck Counselling Service

The Counselling Service provides  assistance to students who are experiencing emotional difficulties which may be impacting upon their studies or overall experience at Birkbeck.

It offers a range of services which include:

The service aims to respond to the needs of students struggling with emotional and psychological issues, and to allow students to maintain emotional wellbeing by developing effective coping strategies at times of stress.

What is Counselling and How Can It Help?

Counselling is a one to one conversation with a trained therapist. It is different from advice-giving, in that we won’t tell you what to do; rather the counsellor  allows a person to explore their thoughts and feelings in a confidential and non-judgemental setting. The counsellors use their skills to help you put words to your feelings, clarify your struggle and make connections between different aspects of your life.

Talking about your difficulties in this way has the potential to bring relief , deepen your self-awareness, shift your perspective and allow you to make meaningful changes in your life.

There may also be times where a counsellor  provides  psycho-educational information or suggests things to be doing in between sessions, which can improve your coping strategies and have preventative benefits.