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Olivier’s main research interests are:

  • Digital marketing: conflict, violence, and social control on social media and in online communities, digital experiences
  • Consumer culture: communities of consumption,  ludic consumption, the body and materiality in consumer culture, marketplace performances


Sibai, ORB, A. Barrios-Fajardo, K. De Valck, K. Husemann, M. Luedicke, M. Maxwell-Smith, C. Schulz “Marketing as a Means to Transformative Social Conflict Resolution: Lessons from Transitioning War Economies and the Colombian Coffee Marketing System”, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

Sibai, ORB, K de Valck, AM Farrell, J Rudd, (2015), “Social control in online communities of consumption: a framework for community management, Psychology & Marketing 32 (3) 250–264

Sibai, ORB and K De Valck (2014), “Netnography” in Wiley Encyclopaedia of Management, Volume 9: Marketing, (3rd Ed.) (Lee, NJ and AM Farrell, Eds.)

Conference presentations

Sibai, ORB (2016) “Material play in consumption: the consumption of circus skills”. Advances in Consumer Research (ACR)

Sibai, ORB, K de Valck, D Zhang, A Herbert, (2016), “Detecting conflict on social media” Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Conference

Sibai, ORB, K de Valck, AM Farrell, J Rudd, (2015), “Keyboard warriors in cyberfights: conflict in online communities of consumption and its effects on community resources” Advances in Consumer Research (ACR) 42: 697-698

Sibai, ORB, AM Farrell, K de Valck and JM Rudd (2013), “We want drama! The effect of online conflict on social capital in online communities of consumption”, European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June 4-7, Istanbul

Sibai, ORB, AM Farrell, K De Valck and JM Rudd (2012), “Tensions in Online Brand Communities”, Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) Conference, August 16-19, Oxford

Olivier Sibai