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Olivier’s research interests revolve broadly around Consumer Culture and Digital Marketing.

Olivier has a particular interest in disharmony and abnormality on the marketplace. In his current projects, he investigates deviance in consumer collectives, community management, polarizing brands, isolation in the academic marketplace. He has also published on market-based solutions to peace making.

Olivier also entertains a secondary interest for issues related games and gamification in the market, the role of the body in consumption and consumer self-presentation.



While Olivier enjoys various methodologies and approaches to research, he conducts mainly interpretivist research, with a particular focus on ethnographic methods.

If you are interested in doing a PhD in an area of Consumer Culture Theory, Qualitative Digital Marketing, or Transformative Consumer Research, you can email Olivier a short summary of your intended research topic and a copy of your CV.


Msc students interested in doing their dissertations on branding topics such as brand misbehaviors, polarizing brands or human brand dynamics are also welcome.


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Conference presentations

Sibai, ORB (2016) “Material play in consumption: the consumption of circus skills”. Advances in Consumer Research (ACR)

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Olivier Sibai