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Research interests

Daniele works on the economics and policy of innovation and technological change and on the political theory of international relations.

Students Dissertations

Daniele is interested to supervise post-graduate students in areas related to its current research.

In collaboration with Marion Frenz, he will investigate the role of innovation in leading to a new wave of economic development. He will investigate the following areas:

  • Emerging technological opportunities. What patent statistics indicate? Through the analysis of the rate of change of patent classes at three or even four digit level, it is possible to test what are the areas where the most important dynamic innovations are occurring.
  • Creative destruction in Fortune 500. How have changed in the last 30 years the top corporations? In which line of business are they operating? To what extent can this be associated to technological opportunities or to other opportunities?
  • The inter-play between technological and social innovations in the delivery of new products and services. Many new companies, especially in the service economy, have managed to flourish through a combination of technological and social changes. Typical cases include not only Amazon, but also BlaBlaCar, Airbnb and other smaller but equally interesting ventures.

Daniele will also continue to work on Intellectual Property Rights investigating how companies and institutions are using them.

  • Is the World Trade Organization effective in protecting IPRs? It is nearly 20 years that, through TRIPS, the WTO can assess the IPRs regime of its member countries. But, besides the legal approach, has the institution effectively managed to transform how member countries enforce IPRs?
  • How important are IPRs for companies? Innovation is a crucial component of companies’ growth and success. To what extent are they really influenced by IPRs (and patents in particular) to generate and develop innovations?

Following his research on the public sector, Daniele is also interested in supervising dissertations on public utilities. A rather interesting case is London Transport, especially since a few of our post-graduate students worked for Transport for London.

  • Competition for the market in the case of Transport for London routes. Has it managed to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Funded research projects and awards

European Union citizenship rights and their effective exercise

DG Justice, European Commission

Science, Innovation and Society: achieving Responsible Research and Innovation. Italian Presidency of the European Union

DG Research, European Commission and Italian National Research Council

Will Innovation Lead us out of Crisis?
(with Marion Frenz)

Birkbeck College, School of Business, Economics and Informatics

Globalization: Economic, Technological and Political Determinants and Impact

Italian National Research Council

Video and Audio

You can listen to Daniele Archibugi talking about some of his research in videos and mp3 audio.

Professor Daniele Archibugi