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The Flow of Knowledge from the Academic Research Base into the Economy: the Use and Effectiveness of Formal IPRs and "Soft IP" in UK Universities.

The report, prepared by Birgitte Andersen and Federica Rossi, was commissioned by the Strategy Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy (SABIP) - later subsumed under the UK Intellectual Property Office - as an independent input to evidence for policy (report released 29 Oct. 2010).

The video of the presentation (filmed at the Wellcome Trust December 17, 2010) is just under 45 min.

This was a private function (by invitation only) with participants from:

  • UK Central Government departments and Funding Councils
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • venture capitalists, firms, university spin-outs
  • knowledge transfer teams, expert academics
  • interest organizations, charities, British Library


This report focusses on the use of formal intellectual property rights (IPRs) and .soft IP. as the new ideas and creative expressions developed by academic researchers are put into use. It carries out a theoretical and empirical investigation of the analytical framework developed by SABIP on the flows of knowledge between the universities. research base and commercial and social use, and proposes new ways to articulate this framework more fully.