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Katie Balaam

Thesis topic

A study of the relationship between capital structure and corporate governance variables for FTSE350 companies?


Corporate governance has been researched in the context of how it interacts with capital structure, the list of corporate governance determinants is growing with more developments in this area of research, the key ones are institutional ownership and independent boards (Al-Najjar, 2011).  Previous literature such as Titman et al., (1988); Ghosh et al., (2000); Rajan et al., (2005); Booth et al., (2001) have focused on establishing what the conditions are for capital structure which has an impact on the firm value, with the focus being to ensure a high valuation of the business by minimising the cost of capital through the use of debt in a company (Modigliani et al., 1958).  Within corporate governance the variables include board size, institutional ownership and number of directors and non-executive directors on the board.  Research in this area initially focused on the United States with the introduction of Sarbanes Oxley Act, however recent studies have moved towards more developing countries such as China (Huang and Song, 2006), Indian (Bhaduri 2002) and Jordan (Al-Najjar, 2011).  This research aims to fill the gap to establish if there is a relationship between corporate governance and capital structure, and if so which corporate governance variables are key to the capital structure decision in UK companies.

Research Interests/research methods

STATA is being used to analyse the data gathered from DataStream and the Financial Statements.



  • 06/11-present MPhil, Birkbeck
  • 09/12-present FCCA qualified, ACCA
  • 09/10-06/11 MRes-transferred to MPhil, Birkbeck
  • 09/08-06/09 PCTHE, Oxford Brookes University
  • 01/05-09/07 ACCA qualified, BPP
  • 01/02-01/04 BSc (Hons) Business Studies, Buckingham University
    • Achieved grade: First Class Honours Degree

Professional/employment backgroung

Buckingham University - Lecturer in Accounting

I run and teach on the Introduction to Financial Accounting and Financial Management modules on the undergraduate programmes, Financial Reporting on the MSc Finance programme and a Business Simulation module to undergraduates and postgraduates whereby students make decisions and run their own business.  In addition I teach on the finance module on the Automative Certificate that is run through the University.  In 2010 I became Programme Director for the undergraduate Accounting and Financial Management programme, numbers on this programme have increased and it qualifies for ACCA/CIMA exemptions.  The role involves reviewing applications and interviewing students and being a point of contact until they join Buckingham.  Every six months students take exams and I am responsible for reviewing the student’s results and deciding whether they are able to proceed, this is then communicated via exam boards and then to the students.

Mercedes Benz Retail - Financial Accountant

My role is focused on the retail sites, I combine all the retail sites accounts on a monthly basis, and a group result is then calculated that is reported to Germany.  At the end of last year I was heavily involved in the year end audit.  In addition I look after the Head Office function, including recharging out costs to the sites and maintaining the Fixed Assets.


Presented at BAFA April 2014.

Teaching areas


  • Financial Management
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting


  • Financial Reporting

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  • Dr Basil Al-Najjar, Department of Management

Katie Balaam