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Caroline Ennis

Supervisor: Dr. Anita Walsh

To what extent is the specific rhetoric of the MBA curriculum design of part-time, post-experience management professionals expressed in practice?

This work explores the way in which higher education (HE) providers respond to the curriculum needs of a the post-experience MBA learner. It seeks to identify the general and specific contextual issues and tensions within HE in relation to the design and provision of the curriculum for experienced, part-time MBA learner/professionals by English universities. The intention is to provide a documented account of the current and future challenges that HE faces with regard to the responsive provision of MBA the implications that this has on curriculum design.

keywords: higher education change, postgraduate curriculum design, management learning, responsiveness of learning provision, MBA


  • First Phase:
    • Qualitative: Rhetorical analysis
    • Data collection: Online marking
  • Second Phase:
    • Qualitative: Critical discourse analysis
    • Data collection: Strategy and policy documents, semi-structured interviews