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Alastair Milne

supervisor: Dr. Richard Tacon

The identity construction in the UK B2B and professional publishing industry, 2004-13

I argue that the study of organisational identity (OI) is largely based upon a social constructionist concept that tends to be operationalised using positivist methods. I propose that the adoption of a poststructural theoretical lens, together with appropriate methods, could present a valuable alternative approach to the study of identity at the organisational level. I present an empirical investigation of a poststructural approach to identity at the organisational level, based upon an analysis of organisational documents relating to three firms in the UK B2B and professional publishing industry from 2004-13. For my principal data source, I have used a set of corporate annual reports produced by the firms during the period. I have supplemented this data with contemporary online industry blogs, industry reports, press articles and interviews. For my analysis, I have utilised three methods that I believe are consistent with a poststructural approach to the study of identity: intertextual analysis, discourse analysis, and the study of argumentation.

keywords: organisational identity, postructural theory, intertextual analysis, discourse analysis, argumentation


  • Qualitative
    Intertextual analysis, discourse analysis, argumentation

Alastair Milne