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Department of Management PhD Qualitative Research Discussion Group

The group aims to provide some space and time for PhD students to talk about the specificities of doing research with qualitative data. Each month, group members read and then discuss two academic journal articles: one methodological article focusing on a particular research approach and one empirical article that uses that approach. For example, in the first meeting, the group discussed Kathleen Eisenhardt’s classic paper ‘Building theories from case study research’ (1989) and a recent study by Felipe Santos and Eisenhardt (2009),  which used the multiple case study approach to develop a theory of how entrepreneurs shape organisational boundaries and construct markets.

The inaugural meeting of the Birkbeck Department of Management PhD Qualitative Research Discussion Group took place in July 2017 in the basement café of Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road. The next meeting will take place on 2 October.

The group currently goes by the name Quartz (for Qualitative Research Talk Zone), but it might change in the near future as the group is still in its inception phase.  The group was set up by Richard Tacon and Rebecca Bednarek, in collaboration with a number of Department of Management PhD students.

For more information, get in touch with Richard Tacon.