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Dr. Luca Andriani, A.Filippetti and A. Batinti recently wrote a short article entitled, “There is social capital behind the re-election of a good mayor” (“C’e’ il capital esociale dietro la rielezione del buon sindacao”), in the June 2017 edition of the magazine La Voce. Dr. Andriani and his colleagues’ work on social capital and incumbent mayor re-elections across the Italian municipalities was also cited in an article in the June 2017 edition of the Italian magazine, Il Fatto Quotidiano, to explain the results of the last Italian municipal elections. The article is available here:

Prof. Daniele Archibugi, on 27 June, 2017, published an editorial on the Italian newspaper, Il Manifesto, entitled “Chi ha paura della concessione di cittadinanza?”, and was subsequently interviewed by a few Television and Radio stations.