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Our Research Students


Research Student/Project Title

Lisa Atalianis
  • Fatema Alhalwachi 
(NewRoute PhD in Communication)

Identity Construction in Muslim Infertility Blogs

  • Samuel Bamonte 
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Stance and FE lecturer identity
  • Dawn De Kock
(Integrated PhD Intercultural Communication)
The Metaphorical Enactment of Leadership and Organisational Change
  • Oleksandra Shaitan 
(NewRoute PhD in Applied Linguistics)
Narratives of Haafu Identity (PhD Applied Linguistics)

Erasmus Students Representations of Identity

  • Elizabeth Shepherd
(Provisional Integrated PhD Applied Linguistic)

Educational Language Policy and Planning in Vietnam

Jean-Marc Dewaele
  • Hessa Al-Bishi
(PhD Applied Linguistics)
In/appropriate Verbal & Nonverbal Greeting behaviours: Cross-Cultural Perspective
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Investigating learners' beliefs about language learning in students of Portuguese as a Foreign Language through the use of Thought Record: a multiple case study
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
‘A Soulful Company’ or ‘a Fun Hangout’? Strategies to Overcome Conceptual Non-Equivalence
  • Sohee Jung 
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Listening anxiety in Korean EFL classes
  • Miho Kito
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
A feeling of Hazukashii and Bilinguals (Japanese and English) emotional experience and emotion expressions in two languages and cultures
(NewRoute PhD in Applied Linguistics)
To code-switch or not to code-switch? Language practices in psychotherapy: a mixed methods study of multilingual clients’ experiences
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Emotion recognition in Chinese L2
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Student Perceptions of Teacher Emotional Intelligence and Happiness as Determinant Factors in Second Language Acquisition
  • Sally Cook
(Integrated PhD Teaching English to Speakers of Others Languages)
Multilingualism in psychotherapy
  • Xuemei Chen
(Integrated PhD Teaching English to Speakers of Others Languages)
Humour appreciation in a foreign language
(PhD Applied Linguistics)
The Effects of Personality and Acculturation on Persian Immigrants’ Swearing Behavior.
  • Nada Al-Qarni
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)

Emotion recognition in Saudi bilinguals

  • Heba Arafah
(Provisional Integrated PhD Applied Linguisitcs)


(MPhil Applied Linguistics) A comparative study of code-switching practices and language attitudes within and across Spanish speaking immigrant communities in London
Penelope Gardner-Chloros
  • Virginia Grover
(PhD Applied Linguistics)

Multilingual Practices and Societal Influences: Style, Stance and Identity in Intergenerational Interactions in Western India

(PhD Applied Linguistics)
Living on the borders – The crossing of regional and immigrant identity boundaries in a superdiverse speech community of Alsace
  • Priscilla Pereira
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
The use of code-switching among Luso-Americans in the Ironbound
  • Emma Walters 
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)


Zhu Hua
  • Issariyaporn Aeowchoei
(NewRoute PhD in Applied Linguistics)
An Investigation of the Impact of Languages and Culture on Thai Speakers' Point-making Style in Group Talk
  • Asma Al-Amer
(NewRoute PhD TESOL)
Phonological acquisition and development of Arabic- English bilingual children
  • Woralan Kongpolphrom
(PhD Applied Linguistics)
The Language of Tourism in UK Travel Websites: A Comparative Analysis of the Language of Tourism in Travel Websites of Italy, Turkey and Thailand
  • Negar Choghakhor 
(NewRoute PhD TESOL)
Influence of bilingualism on the first language pragmatic judgement of compliments in English-Persian bilinguals
  • Chieri Noda
(NewRoute PhD in Intercultural Communication)
Operationalising a Collective Zone of Proximal Development in the Eikaiwa Classroom
  • Claude Patrick Kleineidam
(Integrated PhD Intercultural Communication)
Cross-cultural differences and similarities of audiences’ evaluation of crisis communication in the aviation industry
  • Nilma Ramsahye
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Super-diversity, language ideology and performances in intercultural job interviews
Marjorie Lorch
  • Julia Benson
(Integrated PhD Applied Linguistics)
Social communication in Adolescents with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Francis Breheny
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
The Life, Work and Educational Ideas of Robert Hebert Quick, Educational Theorist and Reformer
  • Krystle Jalalian
(NewRoute PhD in Applied Linguistics)
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Bilingualism
  • Emina Tuzovic
(NewRoute PhD in Applied Linguistics)
Word Recognition and Orthographic Awareness in Arabic Learners of English
Tom Morton

  • Alvaro Acosta Corte
(NewRoute PhD in Applied Linguistics)
Focus on form in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) classrooms
Bojana Petric (MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Attitudes towards Continuous Professional Development among Private Language School Teachers
  • Kamaal Majeed
(NewRoute PhD in Applied Linguistics)
On the professional self-perceptions of native and non-native teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Ahmed Alharfi
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Exploring emotional writing in Saudi ESL/EFL classrooms
  • Ghadah Alhodaif
(Integrated PhD Teaching English to Speakers of Others Languages)
The impact of teaching practice on student teachers' beliefs about teaching EFL reading: the case of pre-service trainees in KSA
  • Baraa Khuder
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Kazuya Saito
  • Yui Suzukida
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Examining an optimal teaching method to help non-native speakers of English attain successful speaking skills in international and intercultural communication
  • Meltem Ilkan
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
A longitudinal study of L2 pronunciation and cognition development of NNESTs during teacher education: The role of self-perceived pronunciation improvement and confidence development
  • Tran Ngoc Mai 
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Effects of peer interaction and corrective feedback on complexity, accuracy and fluency in oral production
  • Hui Sun 
(MPhil Applied Linguistics)
A longitudinal study of second language oral ability development during study abroad: The role of linguistic domains and individual differences
Rachelle Vessey (MPhil Applied Linguistics)
Gender Identities in Popular Music: A Corpus-based Discourse Analysis of Song Lyrics in the UK and Japan.