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Centre for Multilingual and Multicultural Research (CMMR)

The CMMR organizes the Bloomsbury Round Table on Communication, Cognition and Culture. This is an annual, international and free event and allows researchers at different stages of their career to present the latest work in the broad fields of Language, Communication and Cognition.

The 2017 Round Table was on the theme Big Data.  The 2018 edition was in May and focused on Individual differences in applied linguistic research. Plenary speakers were Professor Ema Ushioda (University of Warwick) and Professor Pavel Trofimovitch (Concordia University, Canada).  They concluded with a master class on research methods in quantitative and qualitative research. Our PhD students also presented their on-going research.

The CMMR also welcomes visiting MA students, PhD students, and researchers with research interests of members of the CMMR. The visitors are invited to the PhD seminars and invited to present their own research. We have thus welcomed the following PhD students:

  • Ms Beatrice Venturin (University of Melbourne),
  • Ms Xiaro Yu (University of Utrecht)
  • Ms Chengchen Li (Xiamen University).

We’ve also hosted one visiting MA student: Carli Ochs (University of Amsterdam) and two visiting professors:

  • Professor Carmen Pena Diaz (University of Alcala) and
  • Professor Jiang Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology)

We have also hosted our first postdoctoral researcher, Dr Eirini Mavrou (Universidad Nebrija, Madrid).

The collaborations result in joint publications and future papers or in invitations to be external examiners for the PhD dissertations of the visitors.