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Dr Jackie Jia Lou

Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

BA (Hons) (City University of Hong Kong), MSc and PhD in Linguistics (Georgetown University)

Contact details

Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication
Birkbeck, University of London
26 Russell Square, 

Research interests

  • My main research interest is concerned with language and the city, especially how languages are used in transnational urban spaces like Chinatown and how such spaces are represented and reconstructed through discourse. This often entails an eclectic research design which integrates sociolinguistic and discourse analysis with social- and geo-semiotic analysis, ethnographic fieldwork, and more recently, mobile video ethnography. I particularly welcome opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers of shared interests as well as with writers, artists, and community groups.

Areas of Research Supervision

  • Language, space, and place; linguistic and semiotic landscapes; urban discourse; transnational migration; sociolinguistic ethnography.


  • I am currently teaching on the following modules:
  • • Language and Society (BA)
  • • Investigating Language (BA)
  • • Introduction to Applied Linguistics (MA)
  • • Empirical Skills Workshop (MA)
  • Before joining Birkbeck, I also taught a variety of classes in sociolinguistics at Queen Mary, University of London (2017), City University of Hong Kong (2009-2016), and Georgetown University (2008-2009).


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  • Journal Articles
  • Lou Jia Jackie. (2017). Spaces of consumption and senses of place: A geosemiotic analysis of three markets in Hong Kong. A special issue in the journal Social Semiotics on ‘Multilingual, multisensory, and multimodal repertoires in corner shops, streets, and markets’ edited by Zhu Hua, Emi Otsuj, and Alastair Pennycook.
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