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Library Space survey - results!

During November and December we sought feedback from students about the summer refurbishment of the Library: the creation of the group study area, the Accessibility Centre and the silent study area on the third and fourth floors. We received about 170 responses, mainly through our two touch screen survey kiosks.


Overall, the feedback has been very positive.

  • 70% of respondents indicated that they liked the new group study area and a further 22% said they liked it, but with some reservations. Only 8% said they did not like the new space.
  • The Accessibility Centre generated a similar level of approval.
  • Feedback about the silent study area was not quite as effusive but still broadly positive: 84% liked it with or without reservations, although about a sixth of respondents didn’t.


The summer refurbishment was really the first stage in what we hope will be a more extensive development of the Library’s space. We are very conscious of the need to create additional study spaces to address the problem of the Library becoming ‘full up’ at busy times and we are currently looking at ways we might achieve this. We also recognise that although some students love the more relaxed group study area, we also need to provide more attractive silent study spaces for our students who prefer to work in a quieter environment.


The ‘any other comments’ section of the survey also generated a lot of interesting feedback. Two issues that came through very strongly were the lack of study spaces mentioned above along with the occasional problems we have with temperature in the Library which we will continue to work with our Estates colleagues to try to solve.


You can view the full results of the survey and read all the comments on our Feedback pages:


Feedback is, of course, welcome at any time, all comments – whether supportive or critical of our efforts – are very useful to us and really do feed into our decision-making.


Published: 17 January 2017