Assistive software on the computers in the Library and the IT workstation rooms.


Text-to-speech, reads text aloud from the screen. Also scans and converts from PDF to Microsoft Word. Useful if you have difficulties with reading, writing and spelling. Click here for the ClaroRead tutorial video.

Book a place on our 'Using Text-to-Speech Software to Support Your Reading' workshop, Saturday 3rd March 11am-12:30pm


Organise and edit your reading material. Click here for the ClaroCapture tutorial video.


Mind mapping to help organise your thoughts and manage your time. Click here for the Mindview tutorial video.


Screen magnification.


Screen reader. Allows users with low or no vision to navigate without a mouse.

The Study Support Room in the Library and Room G17, the Assistive Technology Booth, have:


Speech-to-text (dictation). Useful if your ideas flow more easily when you speak rather than type.

Click here to Book the Study Support Room or the Assistive Technology Booth. You will need your username and password.

In-built accessibility on Birkbeck computers.

Make your computer easier to use by changing the settings in Window’s Ease of Access Centre. Includes using the computer without a mouse, making the computer easier to see, and making the keyboard easier to use. Click here for the ease of access tutorial.

A MacBook Pro is available for you to borrow from the Library Issue Desk. This has a range of inbuilt accessibility features such as Voice Over. Click here for the Apple OS X accessibility feature overview.

Email us at or phone us on 020 7631 6491 if you would like a one-to-one training session on any of this software.

Click here to request reading material.     Click here to convert a PDF to text.      Click here to book a room.      Click here to meet a member of staff.