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Centre for Transformative Practice in Learning and Teaching

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Welcome to Birkbeck’s Centre for Transformative Practice in Learning and Teaching

The Centre leads in the development of professional activities to transform and enhance learning and teaching at Birkbeck. The College’s early vision of the power of education to transform and improve lives remains at the heart of the Centre.  It promotes and augments Birkbeck as a leader in transforming learning and teaching for non-traditional adult students.

Work in critical pedagogy is embedded within the Centre, which enhances pedagogic approaches for its learners and develops critical approaches to learning for practitioners and professionals.  It supports all staff at Birkbeck who teach and support learning in developing transformative practices to enhance their students’ learning experiences.

Dr Halden and Dr Gutierrez-Santos win BETA awards 2017

The Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Awards aim not only to reflect the highest pedagogical standards in teaching, but also to encourage staff to experiment and explore new ways of engaging with students and enhancing their learning.