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Research interests

My current research is on the concept of control. The starting point for this interest was Gilles Deleuze, but my work has since led to engagement with other theorists, including Paul Virilio, Giorgio Agamben, Nikolas Rose, Michel Foucault, Michel Serres, Antonio Negri, and Bruno Latour/ANT. I am happy to supervise students who wish to study law in relation to any of these thinkers.

More specifically, I am interested in how control is exercised through techniques of surveillance and the construction of anti-social behaviour. Recently, this has resulted in a concern for the spatial dynamics of control, and I have just completed a part time MA on Architectural History at UCL as a consequence. I am currently working on a book with Anne Bottomley (Kent Law School) that addresses the conjunction of these themes. I am happy to supervise in any of these areas.

I also have related interests in law and literature, law and film, and the impact of statistical thinking on law and power, and have published on these issues.