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Publications and media


  • The Family, Law and Society (with Baroness Hale of Richmond, Judge David Pearl and Professor Elizabeth Cooke) 6th edn, Oxford University Press, 2008.
  • Education Volume 17 (2) of Atkin's Encyclopaedia of Law London: Butterworths, 2001 (with David Ruebain)

Edited Collections

  • (2015) From Civil Partnership to Same Sex Marriage 2004 - 2014: Interdisciplinary Reflections (co-edited with Barker, N), Routledge.
  • (2014) "Wealth, Families and Death: Socio-Legal Perspectives on Wills and Inheritance"(co-edited with Hacker, D) Oñati Socio-legal Series [online], 4 (2)
  • "Gendered Boundaries and Sexual Movements: legal negotiations of the global and the local" (co-edited with Buss, Fletcher, Monroe and Phillips), Published as a Special Issue of Social and Legal Studies (2005) Vol 14 (1).
  • Feminist Perspectives on Child Law (co-edited with Jo Bridgeman) London: Cavendish Publishing Limited, 2000.
  • Legal Queeries: Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Legal Studies (co-edited with Leslie Moran and Sarah Beresford) London: Cassell, 1998.

Chapters in edited collections

  • (forthcoming 2018) ‘Same-Sex Marriage: After the Party . . .’ in Brady, S & Seymour, M (eds.) Same-Sex Relationships in History: International Perspectives (Bloomsbury)
  • (forthcoming 2018) ‘Inheritance law matters' in Herring, J & Lucas, B (eds.) Gender, Ageing and Family Law (Routledge)
  • (2018) 'Law and The Bedroom: “Living Together as Husband and Wife”?’ in Cook, M & Gormon-Murray, A (eds.) Queering the Interior (Bloomsbury, Home series edited by Rosie Cox and Victor Buchli)
  • (2018) ‘Dressing-up for school: beyond rights and welfare’ in Schneider, R & Dinter, S (eds.) Transformations of Childhood in Contemporary Britain: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Routledge)
  • (2015) 'Home Education: A Human Right' in Rothermel, P (ed.) International Perspectives on Home Education: do we still need schools? (Palgrave)
  • (2015) 'Judging the Act: civil partnership disputes in the courtroom and the media' in Barker, N & Monk, D (eds.) From Civil Partnership to Same Sex Marriage: Interdisciplinary Reflections (Routledge)
  • (2015) 'From Civil Partnership to Same-Sex Marriage: A Decade in British Legal History' (with Barker, N) in Barker, N & Monk, D (eds.) From Civil Partnership to Same Sex Marriage: Interdisciplinary Reflections (Routledge)
  • (2014) 'Sexuality and Children Post-Equality’' in Leckey, R (ed.) After Legal Equality: Family, Sex, Kinship (Routledge)
  • ‘Homophobic Bullying: a queer tale of childhood politics’, in Children in Culture, Revisited: Further Approaches to Childhood, edited, Karín Lesnik-Oberstein (Palgrave/Macmillan 2011), pp 55-72.
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  • 'Sex Education and the Law in England and Wales: The Importance of Legal Narratives' (with Ann Blair) in Lutz Sauerteig and Roger Davidson (eds) Shaping Sexual Knowledge: A Cultural History of Sex Education in Twentieth Century Europe and North America, Routledge Studies in the Social History of Medicine, (2009)
  • 'Teenage Pregnancies and Sex Education: Constructing the girl/woman subject', in Carl Stychin and Vanessa Munro (eds) Sexuality and the Law: Feminist Engagements, Glasshouse/Routledge Press, (2007)
  • 'Law and Childhood: in whose "best interests"?' in An Introduction to Childhood Studies, Mary Anne Kehilly ed. (2004, Milton Keynes, Open University Press; revised and updated, 2nd edn, 2009).
  • 'Education law/educating gender' in Feminist Perspectives on Child Law (eds. Jo Bridgeman and Daniel Monk, 2000, London: Cavendish Publishing Limited).
  • 'Introduction: Reflections on the relationship between feminism and child law' (with Jo Bridgeman) in Feminist Perspectives on Child Law, Jo Bridgeman and Daniel Monk eds., 2000, London: Cavendish Publishing Limited.
  • 'Health and Education: Conflicting Programmes for Sex Education' in Of Innocence and Autonomy: Children, Sex and Human Rights, Eric Heinze ed., 2000, Aldershot: Dartmouth Press.
  • 'Failing children: Responses to children with 'behavioural problems'' in Moral Agendas for Children's Welfare, Michael King ed., 1998, London: Routledge.
  • 'Beyond Section 28: law, governance and sex education' in Legal Queeries, Leslie Moran, Daniel Monk, Sarah Beresford eds., 1998, London: Cassell..


  • (2018) ‘Muscular Liberalism and the Best Interests of the Child’ The Cambridge Law Journal 77(2): 25-29
  • (2017) 'A tribute to Helen Reece' Child and Family Law Quarterly 29(1): 3-7
  • (2016) 'Inheritance Families of Choice?' Lawyers’ reflections on Gay and Lesbian WillsJournal of Law and Society 43(2): 167-194
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  • 'Challenging homophobic bullying in schools: the politics of progress’ (2011) International Journal of Law in Context 7(2): (June 2011) 181–207. (This article has been identified as one of the best works of recent scholarship on equality in Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots). See
  • 'Reckless Trials? Contextualising the criminalisation of the sexual transmission of HIV' (2009) Radical Philosophy Issue 156, July/August, pp.2-6.
  • ‘Regulating Home Education: Negotiating Standards, Anomalies and Rights’ (2009) Child and Family Law Quarterly 21 (2): 155-184. This article was cited extensively in the House of Commons, Select Committee on Children, Schools and Families Final Report: The Review of Elective Home Education, 9 December 2009.
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  • 'Theorizing Education Law and Childhood: Constructing the Ideal Pupil', British Journal of Sociology of Education (2000) Vol 21 (3): 355-370. Awarded The Socio-Legal Studies Association Article Prize, 2001
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  • 'School Exclusions and the Education Act 1997', Education and the Law (1997) Vol. 9(4): 277-290.

Book reviews

  • (2018) 'Connecting with E.M. Forster: A Memoir' Tim Leggat, (Hesperus, 2012), Polish Journal of English Studies
  • (2018) 'Thatcher’s Grandchildren: Politics and Childhood in the Twenty-First Century' Stephen Wagg & Jane Pilcher (eds.) (2014), International Journal of Law in Context
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Other writing


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