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Research interests

Professor Gearey's reseach interests lie in political philosophy. He has completed two British Academy-funded projects.

  • A collection of essays, co-edited with Marinos Diamantides on Islam and Identity, focusing on recent debates about the nature of secular and sacred law and on breaking down the crude opposition of a monolithic, pre-modern Islam and post-modern politics. See Islam, Law and Identity with Marinos Diamantides (London: Glasshouse, 2010).
  • An engagement with critical legal studies and forms of radical legal thought in the United States. See “W.E.B. Du Bois’ Ambiguous Politics of Liberation” (2012) Columbia Journal of Race and Law (1) and 'Change is Gonna Come’: Critical Legal Studies and the Legacies of the New Left' (2013) Law and Critique 24(3).

His most recent publications lie in the area of welfare and social justice. See Justice as Welfare (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012) and ‘Welfare, Law, Solidarity’(2013) Law, Culture, Humanities 8.

In literary jurisprudence, his concerns are with deconstruction, the 'primordial grounds' of law and poetics. See 'Where The Law Touches us, We May Affirm It' (2005) Cardozo Law Review, 27(2). See also ‘I wish you well’: Towards an Aesthetics of Welfare’ in Ben-Dor, O.(ed.) Law and Art: Justice, Ethics and Aesthetics. Abingdon, UK: Routledge (2012).

At present Professor Gearey is working on equity and the critique of political economy. See ‘Equity in a Severe Style’: The Phenomenology of Spirit, Conscience and Critical Legal Thinking (forthcoming). See also ‘Re-Reading Capital: Notes Towards an Investigation of Law, Politics and Pensions’ in De-Sutter, L.(ed.) Althusser and Law (Abingdon, UK: Routledge, 2013).

A related piece is "'Fables of the Reconstruction": Ideology, Positivist Jurisprudence and the Question of the “Good Life"', Taner Yelkenci 2nd Law and State Theory Symposium Conference Proceedings (2014) forthcoming.

An experimental piece exploring law and prehistory is also forthcoming. See ‘A Warning to the Curious’ Primitive Law, Social Order and Neolithic Prehistory (with Benjamin R. Gearey).

His most recent books are: