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Publications and media


Edited collections

  • Gearey, A (with M Diamantides) eds. Islam, Law and Identity (London & New York: Routledge-Cavendish (2011).

Chapters in edited collections

  • 'Rereading Capital: notes towards an investigation of law, politics and pensions' in Althusser and Law, ed Laurent de Sutter. (Routledge, 2013)
  • ‘I wish you well’: Towards an Aesthetics of Welfare’ In: Ben-Dor, O.(ed.) Law and Art: Justice, Ethics and Aesthetics Abingdon, UK: Routledge. (2012).
  • ‘One Law against Another. Reading the Veil Cases: The Foundational Reference, Sharia and Human Rights’ in Marinos Diamantides and Adam Gearey (eds), Law, Identity and Islam (London & New York: Routledge-Cavendish (2010)
  • 'Literature, poetics, law'. In: Goodrich, P. and Hoffmann, F. and Rosenfeld, M. and Vismann, C. (eds.) Derrida and Legal Philosophy. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. (2008) ISBN 9780230573611.
  • 'The Fourth Book of the Legislator: Nietzsche and John Neville Figgis', Nietzsche and the Law, eds. Peter Goodrich and Marianne Valverde (University of Michigan Press, 2008).
  • 'Women Lean Back Everywhere: the Symbolic Economy of Restitution'. In Feminist Perspectives On Contract Law, eds. Linda Mulcahy and Sally Wheeler, (London, Cavendish, 2005), 91-106.
  • 'The Voice of Dominium - Property, Possession and Renaissance Figures in The Cantos of Ezra Pound'. In D. Carpi (ed) Renaissance Property Law, Peter Lang, 2005
  • 'The Materiality Of Symbols: J G Ballard And Jurisprudence: Law, Image, Reproduction', in M. Freeman Current Legal Issues: Law and Popular Culture, OUP, 2005.
  • 'My Loss shall be Your Gain; Feminist Economies of Restitution', in L. Mulcahy and S. Wheeler eds., Feminist Perspectives On Contract Law, Cavendish, 2005.
  • “The Poetics of Truth and Reconciliation”, In Law and Literature, eds. Adam Gearey, Patrick Hanafin and Joe Brooker, (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 2003), 38-60.
  • "Towards a Feminist Critique of Sovereignty" in Feminist Perspectives in Public Law, eds. N. Whitty and S. Millns, Cavendish Press, 1999, pp. 129-149.
  • "Law and Death between James Joyce and Pierre Legendre" in Courting Death: The Law of Mortality, ed. D. Manderson, Pluto Press, 1999, pp. 194-216.
  • "Re-reading St. Augustine" in Faith in Law, eds. V. Tadros, S. Douglas-Scott and P.Oliver, Hart Press, 1999, pp. 53-69.
  • "Disunited Kingdom, a review of Joseph Valente's James Joyce and the Problem of Justice", New Formations, Number 32, Autumn 1997, pp180-183.


  • Gearey, A. (2013)‘Change is Gonna Come’: Critical Legal Studies and the Legacies of the New Left' Law and Critique
  • Gearey, A. (2013) “Welfare, Law, Solidarity” Law, Culture, Humanities (8) (forthcoming).
  • Gearey, A. (2012) “W.E.B. Du Bois’ Ambiguous Politics of Liberation” Columbia Journal of Race and Law (1), pp. 265-272.
  • 'The Poetics of Practical Reason: Joseph Raz and Philip Larkin', Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature, 19 (2007), 377 .
  • '"Where the law touches us, we may affirm it"; Deconstruction as a Poetic Thinking of Law', Cardozo Law Review, 27(2) (2005), 101-122.
  • '"The Sublime Voice"; Towards a Poetics of Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa', The Journal of Law and Society, 31 (2004), 38-60.
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  • 'With the One Coin for Fee: A.E. Housman's Law', Liverpool Law Review 23 (2001), pp. 199-209.
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  • 'Prometheus Unbound: Shelly, Legendre and the Psychoanalysis of Law', Griffith Law Review Special Issue, 10/2 (2001), pp. 53-75.
  • 'We Fearless Ones: Friedrich Nietzsche and Critical Legal Studies', Law and Critique 1 (2000), pp.167-184.
  • 'Introduction to the Study of Law and the Sacred', Law, Text, Culture 1/5, (2000), pp.1-19.
  • "Outlaw Blues: Law in the Songs of Bob Dylan', Cardozo Law Review, 20, (1999), pp. 1401-1422.
  • 'The Bible, Law and Liberation', Current Legal Problems, eds. A Lewis and M.D.A. Freeman, Oxford University Press, (1999), pp. 263-285.
  • 'Mad and Delirious Words: Feminist Theory and Critical Legal Studies in the Work of Peter Goodrich', Feminist Legal Studies, VI, No.1 (1998), pp. 121-133.
  • 'Law in the Gospel of the Female Messiah: Gnosticism, Law and Finnegans Wake', Australian Feminist Law Journal, 10 (1998), pp. 61-85.
  • 'Finnegans Wake and the Law of Love', Law and Critique, VIII, No.2 (1997), pp.245-267.

Conference papers and invited lectures since 2002

  • (2014) Chaotic Equity? Market Rationality, Ethics and Commodification, Critical Legal Conference, Sussex university, 4-6 September.
  • (2014) A Slow Procession of Spiritual Shapes - Zombie Hegelianism, the Market and the Psychic Chaos of Property, Critical Legal Conference, University of Sussex, 4-6 September.
  • (2014) “Fables of the Reconstruction”: Ideology, Positivist Jurisprudence and the Question of the “Good Life, Taner Yelkenci 2nd Law and State Theory Symposium Conference, Kocaeli. May
  • The Public Life of Equity, University of Kent, April 2013.
  • Welfare and Rights, University of Ulster, Belfast, June 2012.
  • Law, Protest, the New Left and Occupy, London Critical Theory, May 2012.
  • Out of the Shadows of the New Left: LCH, Austin, Texas, April 2012.
  • On the work of Jonathan Lethem, Birkbeck College, May 2011.
  • Law and Aesthetics, Tate Modern, London, UK, February 2010.
  • Law and the Indian Ocean, University of Southampton, UK, 2010.
  • Staff Seminar, Center for Law & Society, University of California, USA, 2009.
  • Sharia and the Common Law, American University in Cairo, Egypt, 2008.
  • Law and Literature, Swansea University, UK, 2007.
  • 'One law against the other': Human Rights and Divine Authority, Law, Culture and the Humanities Conference, Berkeley, March 2007.
  • Hegel, Property and Equity, University of Verona, May 2007.
  • The Law and the Logos, University of Trieste, April 2007.
  • Pleasure Tripper: B.S. Johnson and the Economy of Writing, University of Glasgow, January 2007.
  • Levinas and the Ethics of the Common Law, McGill University, Canada, September 2006.
  • Religion, Rights and the Common Law, American University in Cairo, February 2007.
  • Critical Legal Theory and Education, Harvard University, March 2006.
  • Poetry and Sovereignty, McGill University, Canada, November 2005.
  • Ubuntu and African Philosophy, University of Johannesburg, August 2005.
  • Postcolonial Jurisprudence, Warwick Social Theory Centre/Social and Political Thought Seminar, University of Warwick, March 2005.
  • Deconstruction as a Poetic Thinking of the Law, Conference on Derrida in America, Cardozo Law School in association with The New School, New York, February 2005.
  • The Jurisprudence of Dylan Thomas, Faculty Seminar, Swansea University, January 2005.
  • The Law in Finnegans Wake, Regents College, Oxford University, August 2004.
  • Nietzsche in Africa, Jean Coffin Memorial Lecture, University of South Africa, July 2004.
  • Critical Race Theory in the United Kingdom, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, August 2004.
  • Christopher Okigbo and Sovereignty, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, September 2004.
  • The Poetics of Truth and Reconciliation, Rand Afrikaans University (now Johannesburg University), Johannesburg, September 2004.
  • The Jurisprudence of J.G. Ballard, University College, London, Conference on Law and Popular Culture, July 2003.
  • Law and Literature, University of Westminster, Staff Seminar, June 2003.
  • Renaissance Figures in the Cantos of Ezra Pound, University of Verona, “Il Dritto Patrimoniale Nella Letteratura Del Rinascimento”, March 2003.
  • The Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998, Singapore Institute of Commerce, Singapore, February 2003.
  • The Law in Huckleberry Finn, Lurcy Public Lecture, Amherst College, Amherst, MS., January 2003.
  • Nietzsche and Legal Theory, Cardozo Law School, New York, July 2002.
  • Freedom of Speech as a Human Right, International Alert Guest Lecturer, Sochi, Federation of Independent States, March 2002.

Other associations and work