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Current MPhil/PhD students and their research topics

Research students in the Law School at Birkbeck are an important part of our research culture. We have succeeded in recruiting very high-quality research students and the number of UK and overseas MPhil/PhD students has increased fivefold since 2001. This reflects our growing reputation as a training ground for early career academics working from critical and socio-legal perspectives. Click on the linked thesis titles (where available) to view research summaries.


Research student and thesis topic

Maria Aristodemou
  • Eglina Bubliauskaite
  • Sara Paiola
  • Rob Herian
Jose Bellido
  • Clive Bruton Copyright and Public Domain
[Note: Jose Bellido is now at Kent Law School]
Bill Bowring
Eddie Bruce-Jones
Marinos Diamantides
  • Mohammad Alfaraj
  • Giorgia Baldi
Costas Douzinas
  • Alexis Alvarez Nakagawa
  • Leticia Da Costa Paes
  • Marcus De Matos
  • Ozan Kamiloglu
  • Dimitrios Kivotidis
  • Zacharoula Kouki
  • Paddy McDaid Human Rights as Theodicy: The birth of 'biopolitical theology' and the implications for human rights as social reproduction
  • Moniza Rizzini Ansari
  • Tatiana Tomayeva
Nadine El-Enany
  • Sarah Corbett-Batson
  • Suriyakumari Lane
Başak Ertur
  • Philipp Kender (jointly with Adam Gearey) "The Line That Cannot Be Crossed": Law and the Subject in the Work of Michel Foucault.
  • Tara Mulqueen Co-operation and Social Economy in Critical Perspective: History, Politics and Law


Michelle Everson

  • Miroslav Bezecny
  • Mukesh Bhatt
  • Paul Cattigan
  • Daniele D'Alvia
  • Rui de Correia Goncalves
  • Neil Hudson
Adam Gearey
  • Dennis Dixon
Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
  • Kojo Koram (jointly with Peter Fitzpatrick) Drugs, Law and Empire: Criminalising monstrous peoples and controlling populations
  • Christopher Lloyd
  • Enrique Prieto Rios International Law of Foreign Investments: Limitation and Emancipation in Latin America
  • Lizzette Robleto De Howarth
  • Zain Sardar
Piyel Haldar
  • Devin Frank
  • Calvin Wells
Patrick Hanafin
  • Angus Macdonald
  • Jelena Nenadic
  • Sara Paiola
  • Anastasia Tataryn Arriving to work: exploring migrant labour through law and hospitality
Mike Hough
  • Gemma Lousley (jointly with Sarah Lamble) Sentencing of non-UK nationals in England and Wales
Jessica Jacobson (ICPR)
  • Sabrina Neves
Sarah Keenan
  • Carolina Amadeo
  • Abigail Jackson
Sarah Lamble
  • Gemma Lousley (jointly with Mike Hough) Sentencing of non-UK nationals in England and Wales
  • Lisa Wintersteiger Public legal education and legal empowerment initiatives
Elena Loizidou
  • Steven Allen
  • Claire Horn
  • Ceylan Yildiz
Fiona Macmillan
  • Joana Alfaite
  • Henrique Carlvalho
  • Michael Darke
  • Ozan Kamiloglu
  • Emmanuel Eche Ochugboju
  • Shimie Umaru
  • John Dylan Van Houcke
Daniel Monk
  • Joanna Blackwell
  • Oliver Gilman
  • Niall Williams
  • Lama Younis (jointly with Dr Karen Wells, Department of Geography) Child welfare in Saudi Arabia
Nathan Moore
  • Silvina Alonso Grosso
  • James Godfrey
  • Serene John-Richards
  • Alper Ral
  • Harley Ronan
  • David Thomas
  • Soo Tian Lee On the Limits of the University: Exploring a Genealogy of the Margins
Leslie Moran
  • Jennifer Higgins
  • Shailesh Kumar
  • Nadtara Siriaraya
Stewart Motha
  • Tshepo Madlingozi
Amanda Perry-Kessaris
  • Nadtara Siriaraya
[Note: Amanda Perry-Kessaris is now Professor of Law at SOAS]
Renata Salecl
  • Anouchka Grose
Anton Schutz
  • Giulia Bryson Luhmann, autopoiesis, understanding law in modern society
  • Abu Mohammad Reza
  • Jawad Hassan Zadeh Afghanistan - Legal Culture and Legal History
Tanya Serisier
  • Alexandra König (jointly with Peter Fitzpatrick) The state's bad prose on migrant family life: Crafting and undoing of a hegemonic biography
Sappho Xenakis
  • Martina Baradel Japanese Organised Crime