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Current MPhil/PhD students and their research topics

Research students in the Law School at Birkbeck are an important part of our research culture. We recruit very high-quality research students to support our reputation as a training ground for early career academics working from critical and socio-legal perspectives.  Find out which topics our academics are willing to supervise; or about our MPhil/PhD research degree. You may also find it useful to read the profiles of relevant academics as these also contain information about their supervision.

Current students who wish to be listed are shown below (this list is under construction), with a link to their ORCID record and thesis title where they have opted to include these. Birkbeck College encourages all its research staff and students to obtain and use an ORCID identifier.

Alonso-Grosso, Silvina ORCID logo - An Intervened Landscape: Urban legislation and planning in Buenos Aires during the last military dictatorship (1976-1983).

Alvarez-Nakagawa, Alexis  - The Cannibal Laws. An Archeology on the Juridical Forms of Conquest.

Berecz, Livia - Giving Effect to Indigenous and Minority Rights in the International Domain: Rights or Punishments?

Blackwell, Jo - How young fathers in prison perceive and experience fatherhood; what needs they have as incarcerated fathers, whether these needs are reflected in current public policy, and the implications of gaps and shortcomings in policy.

Gilman, Oliver - What role did government lawyers have in the drafting, passage and marshalling of the Civil Partnership Act 2004 and the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013?

Godfrey, James - The Prevent Duty and its effects on freedom of speech about Palestine at university campuses in England and Wales.

Hartland-Swann, Tina ORCID logo- Lawfare, Warfare and the Digital Age – Can Russian interference and hybrid conflict be deterred?

Horn, Claire

Kender, Philipp - 'The Line That Cannot Be Crossed': Law and the Subject in the Work of Michel Foucault.

Lane, Suriyakumari ORCID logo - Legal Protection for Climate Change Migrants who Cross Borders

Lloyd, Chris ORCID logo - A strange and paradoxical revolution: Derrida's Law as Autoimmune.

Neller, Jen ORCID logo - Governmentality and Difference in the Stirring Up Hatred Offences of England and Wales.

Valle, Luis, Jr.

Wells, Calvin - Mad about the boy - Viewed through the lens of gender discourse do men remove other men from positions of power through historical concepts of (Roman) Virtus?