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The programme of Orientation and course induction events are a great chance for students to meet new classmates and to prepare as well as possible for the start of term.

20 September 2019

If a general election is called this autumn, students who are registered to vote elsewhere will need to apply for a postal vote or register at their new address.

16 September 2019

The Kurdish writer, journalist and activist will participate in events at the School of Law.

10 September 2019

A new research project will explore the use of ‘digital forensics’ in criminal cases, focusing on social media and messaging communications between suspects, victims and witnesses of crimes.

30 August 2019

A warm welcome to all students collecting their exam results today and beginning their journeys at Birkbeck. There are still places left on many courses through clearing - go to or call 020 3907 0700 to apply, and come along to our Clearing Open Day on Saturday to see why more people are choosing evening study at Birkbeck.

14 August 2019

Birkbeck School of Law is gravely concerned about the ongoing judicial harassment of signatories of the Academics for Peace petition in Turkey.

17 July 2019

Running from 10th to 14th June, the School of Law’s annual Law on Trial week focused on the theme of Communication Technologies on Trial.

15 July 2019

The eminent human rights lawyer and equality activist has joined Birkbeck’s School of Law.

07 June 2019

New report from The Institute for Criminal Policy Research warns of public health risks from prison overcrowding

03 June 2019

An evocative new exhibition, A History of Women’s Prisons, challenges assumptions about the social justice concerns of imprisonment.

15 May 2019