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Complaints Procedure

It is hoped that most complaints can be resolved speedily by means of students pursuing matters informally but directly with the person concerned.

In some circumstances where the informal approach fails or where the matter is sufficiently serious or urgent, steps can be taken using the formal complaints procedure. The student complaints procedure is set out in the My Birkbeck website under 'advice, information and financial support'

The College recognises that students may have legitimate complaints relating to their course of study, the availability or quality of facilities, or about other students or staff of the College. Such complaints should normally, wherever possible, be put simply, clearly, promptly and directly to the members of staff or student(s) concerned. Where the complaint relates to a teaching or School-related problem, a student should, without delay, discuss the problem:

  • with their personal tutor; or
  • with their Programme Director; or
  • with any other member of staff of the School or programme designated for the purpose.

Where the complaint relates to any other aspect of the College’s services or facilities other than a teaching or School-related problem, a student should without delay discuss the problem with a senior member of staff of the Service concerned.

A student may wish to consult a member of staff of their School or programme for advice before doing so. Students may also telephone or write to the Office of the Registrar for advice and guidance and/or for a ruling on the applicability of this procedure.

Birkbeck College Students’ Union (BCSU) may also be able, in certain circumstances, to assist in presenting or resolving a complaint. Students should refer to the College website for additional information.

Please note that the School is not able to acknowledge and respond to anonymous complaints (for example from an unknown email address).