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Study Abroad

The Department of Cultures and Languages has established several partner agreements with international institutions and universities for our Study Abroad Programme. This has been developed to provide our students with the opportunity to experience studying a foreign language and culture abroad.

Study Abroad options:

  • The Summer School Programme offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a short period of time, with the aim to help improve your language skills and provide you with new cultural experiences
  • The Erasmus+ scheme (study placements only) will give you the chance to go abroad for either a semester or a year-long exchange, study your chosen language at another institution, improve your language skills and learn invaluable life skills
  • The Japanese Exchange is separate to the Erasmus+ scheme but offers Birkbeck students the opportunity to attend either Ochanomizu University, or Hosei University, or the International Christian University, all in Tokyo.
  • The Pittsburg Exchange facilitates educational experiences in over 75 countries.  These programmes are self-funded.

If you have any questions about our Study Abroad programmes, email: