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Printing from a device on the Birkbeck wireless network

Printing from a wireless device is possible and uses the same print account management system (PCounter) as other centrally managed printers and photocopiers in workstation rooms and the Library. Please read all the below prior to using this service.

To print from your wireless device, please make sure you are connected to the Birkbeck wireless network using eduroam. Note that VPN may be required.

There are two ways to send a document to print. Either by emailing the document to the system or by uploading it via the web page. Mobile devices (Apple or Windows and possibly others) will NOT allow you to browse for a file to upload, and only printing via email is recommended from these devices.

Email your document to

If you are sending from an email address unknown to the PCounter system, you will initially get a reply email, asking you to click on a link to register the email address against your user account (your Birkbeck username and password). Click on the link and you will be invited to enter your ITS username and password

Wireless Printing - register an email address

You only need to do this the first time, and this will link your email address with the printing system.

Use the Wireless printing portal

This does not work on mobile devices, use the email option above instead.

1. Connect to the wireless printing portal by visiting the wireless printing portal ( and enter your username and password to login:

Wireless printing - logging in

and when logged in you will be on the "My Print Jobs" tab where you can select your emailed document  and click print.

Wireless printing - my print jobs

Selecting the advanced tick box give you a few additional options, for example selecting which pages to print.

3. If you want to print a web page, click on the "Web print" tab, and enter the Web address (URL) of the page you want, and once selected you are returned to the "My Print Jobs" tab and can again choose your printer and document to print.

At this page you can also (if you are using a Windows laptop) upload a document directly from your device to the printing system, for printing.

Wireless printing - web print screen

Note: Printing a web URL, will print the Web page as you would see it in a web browser. If you have specific parts of a web page you want to print (eg an email) it is recommended you save the page and print it as a document.

4. If you are planning to use the service regularly, it is recommended you log in and set you your commonly used printers. If you set these you will only see these printers under the print jobs in the “My Print Jobs” tab

Wireless printing - list of printers