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Spam and Anti-Virus

Birkbeck subscribes to the MessageLabs anti-spam and anti-virus service. MessageLabs are one of the leading providers of services for checking electronic mail for spam, virus and pornography. 

It means that all incoming email to addresses is scanned for viruses and to check whether it is spam. Since this was introduced in 2005, we have found it very effective in reliably blocking unwanted email. Any messages which are infected are dropped, and any messages marked as spam are put into a quarantine, where they remain for 14 days. While in quarantine they can be downloaded at any time, and we suggest that users setup the service to receive a digest or summary of the email held in quarantine. The first time a spam message is received, users are sent an automatic message about the Spam Manager service.

It is recommended to connect to the service, change the password to something more memorable, and set up the notification feature (login to the service, click on "options" then "notifications". Click the check box and select the day you would like a digest of all spam email sent to your account to be delivered to you).  Spammanager userguide pdf format

Although it is very rare, occasionally email is incorrectly marked as spam. If you receive any mail incorrectly marked from a regular correspondent, please email, and we will add the address to the "approved senders" list.